Hindi Vashikaran Mantra

Hindi Vashikaran Mantra updated 2023

You can do this method of Vashikaran mantra, as did the scholar Pandit Ji. Why Lord Shiva said this Ravan! Now you are talking about Vashikaran mantras, listen carefully. This Hindi Vashikaran mantra, Raja, Praja, animal, bird, woman, man, man, woman, living creature, ghost, paratha, goddess and god and Bhagat, girl, boy, mother, father, daughter, son, Partner, Bosch and Manjeer will be used in all living beings and dead bodies and spellings, spellings on them, You can do the method of Vashikaran Mantra in such a way as the learned scholar Pandit ji did.

Why is Lord Shiva spoken?

This is pandit ji! Now you are talking about Vashikaran Mantras, listen carefully. This Vashikaran mantra mantra, the king, the subjects, animals, birds, women, men, men, women, living creatures, ghosts, parathas, deities and gods and goddesses, girl, boy, mother, father, daughter, son, The business organization, Bosch and Major will be used in all living beings and dead bodies and the Vashikaran Mantra on them.

1: – अथाग्रेस, संप्रवक्ष्यामि वशीकरणमुत्तसम, | राजाप्रजापशुनां च विषाणु रावण यत्नतः

||Kangani (Piyangu) Tangan Chandan Nagakesh Black Datura’s almanac (root, bark, letter, flower, and fruit), in the memory of the Vitalika maker dry the shade! Then, after mixing vittika seven times and mixing it with food or drinking substances, which female or male or other creatures are given kiking pigeon, it becomes a slave of that man for a lifetime! Apart from this, the creature who chants this mantra for three thousand times, can subdue any woman and man

2: – प्रयांग तगरं चंदंम नागर्केश्र्म |, कृष्णदत्तपुरपंच संज्ञा तू कार्यते, ||छायाएँ वटिका कार्या प्र्दययाद्ननेस्यो ||प्रभो वाथ नारी च यावज्जिवं वशे भवते |त्रिसपुंह मंत्रयेत्तना मंत्रोंनाने मंत्रवित् ||मंत्रसु __ भग नमो भगवते उद्न्मेंद्रेश्वराय |मोह्य मोह्य मिली ठग: ठ: ||एक चित्तग्नो मंत्रि जपेंमन्त्रमंत द्रितः |त्रिंशत्सरात्रसंख्याकं सर्वलोकं कर्मणं, ||

Hindi Vashikan Mantra

Hindi Vashikan Mantra or Love Mantra is used to control someone who you love or want to love and want to marry. If you love someone and want to take him back and want to marry him, then you can use the spell of these powerful words in your control for vachikshan or love mantra. It is strongly recommended not to use these mantras against humanity

It should also be noted that in the Vashikaran mantra, success or vashikaran mantra is never used. Always remember that God is the highest for all. Fate and circumstances always matter if someone is giving you some kind of provocation or a love mantra, then it is wrong and you are fooling yourself. Use your mind and make the right decision.

Mantras act under the powers of their deities and the deities are not our servants. They are free to accept or reject independent supernatural powers, your prayers or rituals, any work being done in the interest of humanity will be fruitful, but if you are trying to use the Vachikaran Mantra for your benefit To do this, it can be a serious consequence for you. There are Apart from this, it is also suggested that your dreams do not use bad powers, thoughts or tricks to come true. It will bring a dark future for you and nothing else. so be careful

Understand the true love in your heart, educate yourself Why do our parents meet our desires, why are they always ready to die for our welfare? Because they are subject to powerful feelings in the context of love for us. They are under our control, it is love, it is love. So, the devotion is making love, there is a beautiful feeling to live with, always

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