Allah Ka Ilm

Allah Ka Ilm updated 2023

Allah ka ilm is very useful ilm for a human being, there are many types of ilms available in Islamic ilm. And this amal is all given by God it’s very nice line said by someone that We are getting problems just because of us, but God, not leaves us in the hard situation alone so they give us so much of ilms for solving human lives problems. There are no problems in this world without solutions. Allah ka ilm is described in the holy book of Islamic The Quran.shadi ka ilm

Shadi Ka Ilm

Shadi ka ilm is used for the getting married with your own choice. Shadi ka ilm is very useful for those people who are wanting to get married, but just because due to some reason they cannot get married, they can use shadi ka ilm this ilm is a great solution for all married life issues. If someone has a problem in their married life like other marital affair, understanding the problem because of busy schedules, or any other married life issues can solve very easily with the help of shadi ka ilm.

Shaitan Ka Ilm

Shaitaan ka ilm is those type of ilm which helps us to solve the problem of supernatural powers and negative forces all are the evil acts against the human. The black magic, Vashikaran over someone is also an evil act if someone uses it to fulfill their selfish desire from someone, and someone else feels hurts because of it, then it’s an wrong act, so the shaitaan ka ilm is great and easy solution for solving this type of issues because the effect of supernatural power and kala jadu is a very harmful for human body, and it may the reason of harm someone.

Ala Hazrat Ka Ilm

Allah hazrat ka ilm is an ilm that is given by prophet Muhammad, It is explained by the holy book Quran, these things are invisible that we disclose to you in clandestine. Know one is in this world who can be equivalent to the knowledge of the forecaster. God bless them some natural good powers for helping the human beings. Hazrat ka ilm is really very useful for us, Muhammad was the best prophet and forecaster, and till now there are many Muslim peoples follow the ilms that are described by Muhammad, Because these ilms come from the God.

Amliyat Ka Ilm

Amliyat ka ilms have so much of solutions, it’s a unique solution of all problems, there are many Amliyat for solve the problems in Islam that is very useful for human beings. These Amliyat has their own ways to use that according to the problems, like Ruhani amal that is very useful amaliyat for getting love with someone, or for getting lost love, or husband/wife related solutions, the all type of love issues can be solved by this ruhaniyat ka amal. Another one Amaliyat, it is also very useful Amal for all of us, and there are many types of Amliyat in Islam.

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