Hamzad Ka Ilm

Hamzad Ka Ilm updated 2023

Hamzad ka ilm is like a blessing for magicians, hamzad ka ilm is very useful ilm for each and every people. The magic man uses this ilm for solving anyone’s problem. Some people describe hamzad as a soul and some people describe it like a nervous. But hamazad is working like both as a nervous or as a soul also, we can find out hamzad in every person. The people who have great control of the soul and nervous is a good type of hamzad, and those people who have no control of anything then they have bad hamzad in their body, so hamzad may be good or bad also.

Hath ki lakeeron ka ilm

Hath ki lakeeron ka ilm In the Hath ki lakeeron ka ilm, you can get knowledge about your hand lines, with the help of this ilm you can attain information about that what is written by God for your hand. With the help of hath ki lakeeron ka ilm you can attain information about your future that what is held by your hand lines for your future, with the help of hand lines you can know about your marriage life line, marriage time, success line, lifelines, etc.

Hathon Ki Lakeeron Ka Ilm In Urdu

We everyone’s hand holds so many big and small lines, each and every line have their works like a life line, success lines, problems line, marriage line and many more lines. With the help of Hatho ki lakeeron ka ilm in Urdu, you can get knowledge about different types of lines and what is the work of hand lines. And what is held by your hand for you how many up and downs may occur in your life or all knowledge about any individual, who want to know about future what is future hold for them.

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