Ilm Ka Faida In Urdu

Ilm Ka Faida In Urdu updated 2023

Ilm ka faida, means profit from ilm, Ilm is like a brightness in the dark place, ilm Is like a essence of a flower which spread happiness all around the person, because with the use of ilm you can complete all problems solutions, which confers you harm in your life. There is no any tribulations in this world which cannot solved out by ilms, there are limitless ilms available in Urdu, which is also available in other languages according to you, which language you can understand without any difficulties. Ilm is like the noor, with the be of assistance of ilms the human beings are known as “Ashraf ul Makholakaat”.

Deen Ka Ilm

Without the ilm human beings are nothing, without the ilms human is like an animal, they are not able to do anything. Deen ka ilm is the way to force the ilms power, deen is the only thing which can force the ilms, no any other power can do force the ilms. The attaining the ilm is the most important thing in Muslim religion. Deen ka ilm is coming from Quran or from sunnat. The ilms have two types first is doomsday’s ilms, and the second ilm is method of namaz.

Dushman Ka Ilm

Dushman ka ilm is a procedure to stop the wrong effects of your enemies, who is creating any plan to spoil your life this ilm is very helpful to break this effect from you. Whenever someone spends successful and amazing life, then some people may feel jealous about them and want to fall down them, than dushman ka ilm is important to eradicate all wrong thoughts and works around you or for you created by your enemies with the intention to harm you,.

There are many ilms available for enemies-

Ilm for making blind your enemy.

Ilm for disable there thoughts.

Dushman Ko Marne Ka Ilm

Dushman ko marne ka ilm is very important ilm for stop misbehave of your enemy, according to this ilm, this ilm gives one chance to stop evil act towards, even if they don’t stop their evil acts towards you than this ilm helps you with kill them, but kindly you should not use dushman ko marne ka ilm for small mistakes or those types of faults which are may be possible that it is don’t think by them that it can harm, if you are sure the enemy have do something for you with bad intention than you can use this ilm. kindly use dushman ko marne ka ilm if you have no any other way to stop your enemy, because this ilm can kill someone, so don’t use wrongly it for your selfish desires.

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