Ayat E Karima Wazifa For Love Marriage

Ayat E Karima Wazifa For Love Marriage Update 2023

Ayat E Karima Wazifa For Love Marriage or for love back can be use for marriage problems. We will provide you ayat e karima wazifa for any hajat. Have you lost your heart to someone? Does your heart beats for someone else? If so, you are definitely in love with someone.

Ayat E Karima Wazifa For Love Marriage

These are the things that no one has control over. Once your heart starts beating for someone, then there is no other way. This is the immense power of love. It is quite obvious when you are in love; you want that person to love you the same way. Ultimately, you want to marry the person of your choice.

Aayat e Karima Wazifa for Love Marriage is the most beneficial for handling the problem of marriage. This Wazifa is exclusively for young ladies or boys who want to get married of their choice. For this, you will have to recite the below-given dua 111 times in a day for 21 days before sleeping. If you want, you can continue to recite this dua till the day of marriage and till the end, but it should not be misused. Insha Allah, You will get husband/wife as your wish.

So below is the process of doing this:-

  • Read it with all your heart, and Allah will give you what you wish for.
  • Start reading this verse from Friday and read it at least 100 times a day
  • Ya-E- Lahi Allah-hu In-shah Allah Su-bha-na-ka Inna-ya Za-li-meen
  • Along with reading this Aayat e Karima, also tried to convince your parents for your marriage. Soon you will succeed in your cause.

Ayat E Karima For Love Back

Ayat E Karima For Love Back, Has there ever been in your life that you want to have again? Is your heart full of hope and love for someone, but you cannot reach out to him/her. In this article, we will help you regain your lost love. If you feel that your lover/girlfriend or spouse is getting attracted to another man or woman, you should not be disappointed as we have a sure solution to this problem. If you have any type of love related problem then use istikhara for love problem.

If you cannot prepare for any disagreement or conflict, then in such cases, you can rely on this Ayat e Karima for love back. You can get your lost love back in your life again and make your life happy. To get your love back, you have to try the remedy given below:-

  • It is not enough to recite Aayat-e-Karima a couple of times and expect to see a miracle.
  • Instead of wishing for a quick fix or miracle overnight, try to make a continuous and lasting change that can give you success in this world and beyond.
  • To reclaim your love, read this Ayat 300 times daily for at least one month:
  • Haj-rat Mu-ha-mmad Bis-mil-lah E-lahi Wa-le kkum Basir-E-Inaya Raheem.
  • After trying this remedy, you will not need to sit in despair among the people for any reason. Once you do this solution, it will change both your time and fate line.
  • The truth is that our imagination moves much faster than reality. In real life, things are not as easy as we imagine. There are many obstacles that all of us need to overcome. It is not possible as soon as you want, especially when it comes to love back problems. You follow the suggested remedy in Quran and then see miracles. This Ayat e Karima for love back will help to start your good time.

Ayat E Karima For Marriage Problems

Ayat E Karima For Marriage Problems, As we know, marriage is one of the main social rituals of human life, but many people face trouble in this area. In such a situation, they need a solution that will solve their problems and fulfill their wish. Everyone is aware that Ayat-e-Karima in Islam is powerful and a quick solution. It is going to give 100 percent result.

The power of Aayat-e-Karima for marriage problems is immeasurable because it is about repentance, acceptance, and praise of Allah. Well, nothing can come between Allah and an honest prayer. Therefore, use this beautiful Aayat-e-Karima in noble cause only.


  • After Isha Salah, make fresh Vudu and sit in a quiet and clean place
  • recite this dua 313 times: Wa ila-ha La- ila-hi anna-ta sub-E-lla-hi ini-kun-tu Aa-meen
  • Now read Darude- Sharif once
  • Raise your hands and make a sincere dua to Allah in your own words. Pray Allah to solve your marriage related problem.
  • Read Darude Sheri once.
  • Within a few days of practicing this remedy, you will see good signs. Just keep reciting the dua mentioned above through the method described here. You will soon have situations that pave the way for your wish to be fulfilled. Don’t forget to thank Allah for showing you the way and the solution.

Ayat E Karima Wazifa For Any Hajat

Ayat E Karima Wazifa For Any Hajat, In Islam, Hajat means desire, need, wishes. Although there is no end to people’s wishes, you can expect them to be fulfilled if there is no fault in your wish. For this, arrangements have been made in Islam. Ayat e Karima wazifa is a part of this system. This is a very effective Wazifa that you can trust by closing your eyes. There is a special Ayat e karima wazifa for any hajat called Salat-ul-Hajat. The process of Salat-ul-Hajat is as follows:

  • First, create and try to maintain Wudhu status
  • Perform rafts nafal Salat 2 times
  • After the Salat, recites Durood Shareef for 11 times
  • Recite as much Tasbih and Durud Sharif as possible.
  • Finally, create a keen dua e hajat to fulfill one’s requirement or desire.
  • Bis-mi-llah na-bbi Ra-mu-du-llah ana-ku-nata ina-ya wa-hi wali-den Nu-bba.
  • Recite the above dua 200 times for 15 days. This wazifa will do its work within 15 days.
  • It is said that the answers to all the issues in Ayat e Karima are given in the Quran.
  • Your true devotion and loyalty are just needed; the rest of the work will be done by the Ayat e karima itself.
  • If you want to marry a boy or girl of your choice and face any hitch in it or your parents are not ready for your marriage or any other problem you are facing, you can use Surah Ayat e Karima to solve these problems.

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