How To Deal With Love Triangle Or Gay Problems

How To Deal With Love Triangle Or Gay Problems Update 2023

Generally love triangle come into seen when the third one person towards whom other two persons get attracted, is naturally most beautiful, gorgeous and dashing out of the world like a fairy or have more effective seductive looks. Love triangle binds the three people together with love in a triangle, it may be friendship between them or some familial relationship. But yes the love triangle relationship is romantic enough that two persons having same gender also fall in love with each other during creation of love with third person also simultaneously or they become enemies of each other to win the love of third one and make himself standing near to her. But love triangle is not fair for females, because our industry, society and community named such love triangle relationship for any female as a prostitute. So better to deal with such love triangle likewise to chose better for you and try to be loyal and honest with him. But love triangle is fair for a man, because our societies, industries and communities are male dominating.

Different Love Languages Problems

Generally it is said that love has no language to express, it can happen and occur anytime, anywhere with anyone. Even anyone fall in love with someone belongs to a different culture and different region, then both of them are speak up different languages. They are captured in love with each other by seeing and attracted towards seductive looks of another one. They try to understand one another by love making signs etc.

Depression Due To Love Problems

It is said that if love can make your life happy and full with fun, then love can also bring you in depression when disappears in between you and your lover. It will give you more pain when your lover leaves you without telling you any reason. Don’t get depress, it just only bring you depression, but try to be happy anyhow yourselves and try to divert your mind from such kind of depression you caught due to love, because you also have some members in your family who also can come into depression while they see you to be with depression.

Gay Love Problems

Not only Gay love, but also homosexuality is treated as the criminal sin under the section 377 of the Indian Penal Code in India whereas in some other countries it is legal. It is assumed as a criminal offense because such gay lover are assumed somewhat mentally disturbed person. But there a problem occurs in between gay love while making the decision about sex change or transgender or transplant of hetero part in a body against the natural god power. Because if they love each other enough that they decided to live together, then there is a need occurs of transgender body parts of female for sex intercourse in between them and to get pregnant or give birth to a child which is a sign of gay love.

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