Islamic Dua For Success In Business

Islamic Dua For Success In Business Update 2023

Islamic Dua For Success In Business, Islam believes in the oneness of God. For Muslims, Allah Taala is the Supreme and sole creator and purveyor. None other than Him .should be worshipped. He is aware of every bit of things that are happening in the world.

Derived from Arabic, dua means to summon or to call out. It has so many implications for Muslims. It is an appeal, prayer and supplication, request or invocation of divine power.

Islamic Dua For Success In Business

Dua is liberating, empowering and total submission to the All-knowing, All-powerful Allah paak. It is the manifestation of a person’s need conveyed to Him. What a man needs most is a success in business. Islamic Dua for success in business is the most pursued and performed.

Business in the Islamic term is known as Tezarat. Just as Business Ethics is an essential constituent of business, Islam has been practicing absolute ethics, based on the concept of “halal” business. Rules prescribed by Islam are briefed below

  • Make profit secondary and adopt truthfulness, honesty and good behavior with customers
  • Be open to criticism and scrutiny related to products and services
  • Be clean of products, storage, and equipment
  • Aim at higher goals for increasing the types of items, improve profit margin and services
  • Collaborate with others and avoid nasty rivalry
  • Don’t sell Harams like alcohol, pork
  • For pursuing your business in the Islamic way and achieve success in business, do Islamic dua for success in business. While doing the Halal business, you can make a margin of profit as others do. You need to follow the Islamic ways, strictly.

Dua For Business To Prosper

Traditional business prosperity implies, a higher margin of profit, constant growth of margin more elevated than the competitors. But, Halal business and application of ethics in your business may give an edge to your competitors and less possibility of prosperity.

When you are under His protection, even any cut-throat competition can’t affect your business prosperity. But what is essential for you to is performing dua for business to prosper. You need to perform Istikhara for the need of the grace of Allah-Taala.

The best of all and a precise dua is Allahumma- Inni-Ash-aluka-meen-khairaiya-wauh- Khyri Ahlihaa- wa ao’odu-bika Minnas-Sharihawa ShariAlaeiha. If you recite this dua, Allah Taala will depute an angel (Farishta), deputed to take care of your merchandise.

The angel will protect you from other merchants and will make them deal with you fairly and honestly. The dua for business to prosper will ensure a good turnover in your business.

Imam Jafar bin Muhmma has advised that before making any purchase of merchandise, say Allahu Qkbar and recite following dua for business to prosper. Allah-humma- Ineesh- Taryathu- Altamisu Rizoka Faj-al Feehe Rizquaa. Fiqar Ridha states that whiling storing or packing recite the Ayatul-Qurshi and the following verses nine times.

Wa-allana Meem Byni Ayedheem Saddwaaa Wou Meen Fhoom Laa Yubseeroon/ Also recite the following surrah 129 times. Laa, ayaat llahhumma- Hafizullaho Wa Hoowa Rabbul Arshel Azeem. Recital of this verse will do your business to prosper with leap and bounds.

Dua For Business Problems

No business is free from problems. If your business is on a large scale, several issues will be interwoven. If not handled properly, the situation may deteriorate. Even your business may fail. But, if you are carrying your business in the Islamic way, the Almighty Allah Paak will take care of your business problems. Consult a dua specialist and perform dua for business problems.

In the present day market environment of stiff competition, honesty and truthfulness may drag you to even severe problems. One surest way of overcoming your business problems is to recite Allahumma-Innee-Assalluka Meenl-Khairiya- wo-Khyaria- Wo- Khyari Ahli Wo ood Bika- Minnaswariha Sharii- Ahlih. When you are faced with any business problem, this dua will act as a shield.

People may be wondering how you can conduct your business in the Islamic way. There may be some who might try to take advantage of your ethical approach. But, so long you are in a position to perform dua for business problems; you are nothing to worry about.

Here are a few duas which you have to recite 500 hundred times. Hasbunllah-wo nemal wakeel, neimal-Moulaa- wio neiman-nqseer. The second verse is La-illaha-wola-quawat-illa-billa hil- aliyel-Azeem.

The third dua for business problems is the commonest one adopted by the most Islamic businessmen. “La-Ilaha-illq-Qnt subhanaka- inni kuntum Minnalzaleemeen.” To be perfect in performing the dua, always seek the guidance of an experienced dua expert. All your business problems will recede.

Dua For Business Development

Development is the most critical aspect of the business. Besides your actual sales and margin of profit, you make various plans for growth. Your projects may be specific and well-structured. You may find that your business is not developing. Either it stands where it was or is even worsening. In such a case, dua for business l development will bring a beautiful result for you.

Holy Quran says that Allah Paak has promised every human being, his financial help. The only need is your supplication and appeals to Him. He says, if you extend one hand towards me, I’ll extend both my hands. He is the most Merciful and Benevolent. If you perform the dua for business development in the right manner, your business is sure to develop, even beyond your expectation.

If you think that your efforts have made your business to grow, you have a wrong perception. Instead, do your part of the work and perform the dua honestly, sincerely and regularly. Abundance and affluence will overshadow your business and may become the envy of your competitors. Below are some ways

Recite al Fatr and verse Ali Imran “ Yerzzona-Tezarratul-laan Taboor Zyyyina-Hubbush Skhawati. Another surahh having eddective result is Alla-humma- innee- assluka Minal-khayria wo Khayri-Allah. It may be possible that your business may not be developing due to black magic cast by someone.

To cure black magic, you should perform the amal in the mosque after the obligatory Jummah (Friday) prayer. After the Jumma Namaz, stay where you were after saying salam and recite Darood Sherif thrice followed by bismillahhirrahman Neerrrahim Al Mutee Huwallaah. Again, recite Darood shereef thrice.

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