Mushkilat Ka Hal Ki Dua Wazifa

Mushkilat Ka Hal Ki Dua Wazifa Update 2023

Mushkilat Ka Hal Ki Dua Wazifa, Every believer of Islam strongly believes on this saying. There is none in the world who is free from difficulties or adversities. If everything would go as you desire, you will probably not remember the creator of this universe and every living being. He is omnipotent, omnipresent, benevolent and merciful.

Mushkilat Ka Hal Ki Dua Wazifa

Allah Paak is the giver as well as the remover of all “mushkilat” or difficulties. Is your life, not sailing smoothly? Are you burdened with worries, anxieties and tensions? You don’t find anyone to help you? Always remember one thing. “Jis kaa Koin Nahin, Khuda Ushka Hota Hai. It means, one who has none to help, Khuda is there for him. If you want to get to rid of your problems, submit your supplication to Allah paak, through har mushkil ka hal ka wazifa. He who has created you, knows well, your problems and will help you

It is religiously customary for every Muslim to start any work by reciting the verse; “ Bismillah Hirrahman Nirrahim”. It is the most common verse used at the beginning of every chapter of the holy Quran. Bism is an Arabic syllable which means; with the name or in the name of Allah, I call for help in accomplishing the work that I’ve started.

If you are undergoing any adverse situation of life, go in for bismillah se mushkilat kaq hal by consulting an Islamic Dua specialist. The holy Quran is a message of God to the humanity, in order that they may be warned that there is but only God and Mohammed SWA is his messenger. The holy Quran is the only basic source of Islamic law and teachings. For any adversities in your life, your best option will be the persuasion of quran se tmama mishkilat ka hal.

Instead of getting frustrated at times of adversities, rememberto supplicate Allah paak, through the following dua. “Laa lihahaa Illa, Antaaa Subhanike, Inne Kuntu Minazzaliimeen. It means that there is no God but HE who may be exalted. There is none worthy to be worshipped; except Allah and that Mohammed SWA is his messenger and slave. You admit before Allah Paak that you were the wrongdoer.

There is nothing in the world, which he cannot remedy. You need to pursue, bismillah se mushkilat kaq hal. If you consult a Wazifa specialist, he prescribes you quran se tmama mishkilat ka hal and bismillah se mushkilat kaq hal. You praise Allah as for His sublime majesty, greatness, mercy, benevolence, grace, power, oneness, bounties and magnificence. He never disappoints those who remember him, and ask for his refuge. You must do har mushkil ka hal ka wazifa, after consulting a wazifa specialist.

The holy Quran says Allah never burdens a soul that cannot bear it. Any adversity or difficult situation that you face is the test of your faith and trust on the Almighty Allah Pak. It is only transitory phase of your life. Consult an Islamic Guru who can show you the way for quran se tmama mishkilat ka hal. Besides pursuing this; you should also learn the bismillah se mushkilat kaq hal.

The Urdu word, Mushkilat means, difficulties or adversities and ‘hal’ means solution.The moment Allah Paak, creates an adverse situation for you, he immediately earmarks a solution for the same. You have to keep patience and submit your supplication to Him through bismillah se mushkilat kaq hal.

Initially, the problem may seem insolvable by you. But have you seen people running away from the problems? Life is to face and not run from it. The Holy Quran is a vast store house of surahs or verses that nullify the effects of specific kind of “mushkil”. The Islamic Guru knows where and what is there in the holy Quran. He also knows the appropriate way of supplication through har mushkil ka hal ka wazifa. It is your patience, perseverance and persistence that extinguish your difficulties.

The following is some duas prescribed for quran se tamam mushkilat ke hal and bismillah se mushkilat kaq hal.

  • Ayuzoowilah hi Minnas Shyaytaan-Ir reajeem. Bis-millah-Hir-Rehmaan- Ir Raheem
  • La Ila haa Allah Mohammadoor Rasool- Lilllaha _ Sallallahu Alyahi Wassallam
  • Any Darood Shaeriff; the easier one being Alla-Humma Swale Allah Mohammadyun; 7 times
  • Dua-E-Isme Illahi, for 33 X 41 times for more acute cases
  • You can call in so many names. Such as the following
  • Yaa Shaffio; Yaa Shafffio; Yaa Shffio
  • Yaa Rashidu, Yaa Khabiro, Yaa Rashido, Yaa Kharbiro, continuolsly
  • Recite the common dua 7X 3 times; Yaa Allahoo Yaa Mumeetu; Yaa Allahu Yaa Shafiyo
  • Aameen-Yaa-Rabbul Aaalemeen

As the ‘liver’ of life, you know that you can enjoy the pleasure of life, only after you have subjected to adversities. When you pursue quran se tamam mushkilat ke hal, you get an opportunity of learning various surahs or verse of the holy Quran. Since Quran is written in the Arabic language, most of the time you may not be aware of the religious connotation of these verses.

As a devout Muslim, you must also be aware of the various interpretation of the holy quean. The right wazifa specialist can teach you the har mushkilat se mushkilat ka hal. When you see for yourself the miraculous effects you got from the wazifa. Then your ”Imaan” will be more strengthened you will be a real Muslim by pursuing, Namaa, Zakkat, Rozaa, Fitra and Huj”.

What goes up must come down once again. When there is adversity, prosperity is sure to Aprevail once again. After darkness, light is sure to come. What you realized was in fact absence of light for some time. Similarly, adversity is the absence of prosperity for some time. With the power of Quran se tamam mushkilat ke hal, the state of prosperity will be retrieved back

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