Aulad E Narina Dua

Aulad E Narina Dua Update 2023

Aulad E Narina Dua, To be sure, Allah Ta’ala makes kids with an unadulterated intuitive nature, and whatever deficiencies happen is the outcome and absence of poor instruction. The Prophet (SallallaahuAlayhiWasallam) is accounted for to have said: Each kid is conceived on Fit rah (common manner), it is his folks who make him Jewish, Christian or a flame worshipper…

عنابيهريرةقال :قالرسولاللهصلىاللهعليهوسلمكلمولوديولدعلىالملةفأبواهيهودانهأوينصرانهأويشركانهقيليارسولاللهفمنهلكقبلذلك؟قالاللهأعلمبماكانواعاملينبه

Venturing into the street of parenthood is a novel adventure. It is just a characteristic sense that instruct parents how to adapt and succeed with dua for naik/farmanaulad. It needs a ton of knowledge and an open and exploratory personality. Individuals gain from seeing others and make great planning ahead of time.

Aulad E Narina Dua

It is intriguing how cutting edge science has revealed some insight into this angle. At the point when children hear their moms’ pulse and voice, they kick and extend. The weight of pregnancy is huge on the mother.

Moms can’t rest when the children are in the mind-set of playing. Rest, great nourishment and mental peace are fundamental for the solid development of the child. Shouldn’t something be said about the profound sustenance, which is much more fundamental e.g., positive considering, recounting Qur’an, hazratzakariyakidua for aulad, offering petitions, giving philanthropy, supplicating for ones needs and the child, and so forth?

At the point when HazratZakariya (Alaihis Salaam) had seen the marvel of Allah Ta’ala sliding upon Maryam (Alaihas salaam), around then he had no posterity and was influenced to make Duaa unto Allah Ta’ala to favor him with posterity even at this seniority, so he supplicated:


Aulad E Narina Dua

“Goodness Allah, award me from your side a wholesome descendants”

This shows to make Duaa for kids is a gift and to have kids is a more prominent gift. Together with this, it is vital that we screen our activities. The essence of the matter is, whatever the guardians do or think, all the more so the mother will directly affect this dear baby.

The mother ought to persistently make zikr and recount Qur’an liberally. It is likewise exceptionally valuable that the Dua of HazratZakariya (Alaihis Salaam) be recounted in wealth with the expectation and trust in Allah Ta’ala’s kindness sliding upon this tyke.

Meanwhile, it is constantly great to make dua for getting aulad:

  • Du’a of Ibrahim (as). Allah acknowledged his dua and conceded Prophet Ibraheem two children: Ismael and Ishaq (as), in Al Quran Surah Saaffaat: “My Lord, stipend me from the honest ones.”
  • Du’a of Zakariyya (as in Al Quran SuratulAnbiyaa: 89: “Goodness Allah, kindly don’t allow me to sit unbothered (childless), for you are the best of the individuals who give inheritors”.
  • Du’a in Al Qur’an 25:74: “Our Lord! Give us life partner and youngsters who will be the delight (and the solace) of our eyes, and guide us to be models of honest (Leader of God-cognizant individuals)”.
  • After the introduction of the tyke, wash and tidy the tyke up and afterward call out the Azaan in the right ear and Iqamah in the left ear. There is awesome knowledge in guaranteeing that the names of Allah Ta’ala and His Rasulullah (SallallaahuAlayhiWasallam) fall onto the kid’s ears the minute he is conceived.

Aulad E Narina Dua

An advantage of getting out the Azaan and Iqamah is that Shaytaan, who is simply holding up to divert a man and looks to catch a man with a catch of hardships from the minute he is conceived, escapes the minute he hears the Azaan. He is summoned to the call of Islam and commitment of Allah Ta’ala before the summoning of Shaytan,

On the off chance that conceivable, after the Azan and Iqamah, a devout individual ought to bite a bit of date or anything sweet and spot it onto the sense of taste of the tyke and solicitation the devout individual to make Du’â for the youngster.

This is called Tahneek. Pick an appropriate name for the youngster by naming the kid after the prophets or the Sahabah or include the word ‘Abd to one of the names of Allah Ta’ala like ‘Abdullah, ‘Abdur-Rahman and so forth. It is desirable over do this on the seventh day.

Perform ‘Aqeeqah on the seventh day. It is an ideal and attractive act as indicated by the Hanafi school of thought. Butcher two goats or sheep for a male and one for a female. Be that as it may, butchering two creatures for a male tyke is a bit much.

Indeed, even one would suffice. From there on shave the tyke’s hair and give gold or silver comparable to the heaviness of the hair in philanthropy. In the event that one wishes, saffron could be connected to the kid’s head. (You may give money too.)

عنسمرةقال :قالرسولاللهصلىاللهعليهوسلمالغلاممرتهنبعقيقيةيذبحعنهيومالسابعويسمىويحلقرأسه

حدثناسلمانبنعامرالضبيقال: سمعترسولاللهصلىاللهعليهوسلميقول( معالغلامعقيقةفأهريقواعنهدماوأميطواعنهالأذي

On the seventh day, circumcise on the male youngster. In any case, on the off chance that this is impractical by the seventh day, complete it at any rate before he is seven years of age. Khatnah (circumcision) is an Islamic trademark.

Aulad E Narina Dua

Sustain the kid with your own milk too. This is a privilege of the youngster over the mother. The kid actually grows more love for the mother when breastfeed. Such kids are generally more submissive and the moms hold less gripes about such kids.

Combined with dua for aulad e narina, it is likewise the mother’s obligation that with each drop of milk, she gives the lesson of Tauhid and the affection for Rasulullah (SallallahuAlaihiWasallam).

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