Best Hamzad Ka Qurani Amal

Best Hamzad Ka Qurani Amal Update 2023

Hamzad is a mighty thing. It has much more power as compared to jinns. If you use the right energy, then you can get this companion in your life.

But you need to have the expertise to call and control the hamzad. Therefore, you must always try to do hamzad ka qurani amal under the guidance of an Islamic expert.

Hamzad Ka Qurani Amal

If you make any mistakes in the hamzad ka qurani amal, then you will get into trouble. Therefore, you must understand the process correctly. If you have doubts, then ask the same to the Islamic expert. Only once you are confident, you must do this amal.

We will now tell you in short, the hamzad ka qurani amal. First of all, here is the verse that you have to say. It is “azzamtoalaikumyaarhashatinaharkatinharmakatinyawsan as yutunihyaahfanhayazuwyal.”

To do this amal, the process is as follows. Firstly, get up at 1 in the morning. Next, wear clean clothes after that put some fragrance on your body. Next, you have to say the above verse 300 times on the first and second day.

But on the third day, you have to say the verse 500 times. Make sure that you do this process in a room where there is no one else except you.

Hamzad Ka Sifli Amal

Hamzad Ka Sifli Amal, Who does not want a magical companion like hamzad? But this is a tough task. The hamzad is a supernatural persona. Therefore it is tough to call them and control them.

Some experts in Islam make use of the hamzad ka sifli amal to call and control the hamzad. But this can be a tricky thing. If you make any mistake, then the hamzad can even destroy you.

Therefore, before you do hamzad ka sifli amal, you need to follow some rules. First of all, you must ask a Molviji about the exact way of doing this amal.

Next, you must not have any bad intentions in your mind. If you try this amal for calling hamzad to do wrong things, then you will land in deep trouble.

Let us now see the hamzad ka sifliamal. First of all, before you go to sleep at night, you must do Wadu. Next, you have to take four pieces of paper. On this, you have to write the names of 4 Nafarmaan persons of Allah Firon on the paper. Next, place these papers in the four corners of your bed.

Now go to sleep. Finally, in the morning, burn these pieces of paper. When you are burning the paper do not speak to anyone. Remember that you have to follow this process continuously for seven days.

You will get the hamzad with this process. But if you do not get any results, then connect with an excellent Islamic expert who knows the details about hamzad calling. He will be able to assist you in the best possible way.

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