Learn here Qurani Wazifa For Enemy

Learn here Qurani Wazifa For Enemy Update 2023

Sometimes it becomes crucial to destroy an enemy as he is not willing to stay away from you. There is quranic wazifa for that called qurani wazifa for the enemy.

There are many dua and verses in the holy book of the Quran, mentioning how to get rid of your enemies. Such dua is made for people who are right from their hearts and want to save themselves from enemies.

For this, you have to make a fresh ablution and perform your wadu. For this dua, you have to keep a lemon with you during your evening prayer. Blow the Surah Kousar on that particular lemon after you recite the Surak Kousar for 100 times.

Qurani Wazifa For Enemy

Repeat the same process every evening for 21 days. Your enemy will become away from you and will face difficulties in this life. This dua will attach the health, financial status, or problems in his home. He will become so busy in solving his questions that he will not get any time to think about you.

Such dua comes in various forms by which you can punish, make them sick, or even can kill your enemy. All you have to do is to perform this dua with real dedication and devotion.

Which Wazifa Use To Punish The Enemy

Even the simplest person in the world has enemies around them. No matter how well the person behaves with others, but they do not care for it. So finally, you have to, at last, get rid of such enemies wazifa to punish enemy is a great way to punish such enemies.

The first dua that you can perform is
“Waah Aahzabhi Min Khaala Iqikaa Aan Yafrtu Alaya Ahaduun Minhun Aaw Yahgha and Aaa Yaahgha.”
Recite this dua as many times you can in a day. Remember to blow on the picture of your enemy. In case you do not want who your enemies are praying to lord to save them from evil persons and punish them.

The second dua is

” Allah humma Inna Nuja Luka Nah Hooreeheem Wa Nu OOzubhihika Min Shuroorhim.”
But make sure to recite the Surah Lahab for 1000 times before reciting this dua. You can continue this dua for ten days.

There are specific rules by which you have to fulfill during the recitation of this dua. First of all, your reasons for destroying or punishing them should be valid. You also have to talk to them for at least once to convince them to stay away from you. If they do not agree, you can perform this strong wazifa, and you will achieve success.

You can also visit any Quranic expert to understand the procedures better. Once Allah punishes your enemies, they will never come in your ways in the future, and you can leave peacefully and happily with your family.

Which Wazifa I Can Use To Make Enemy Sick

It is a reality that you can destroy your enemy or make them sick through wazifa to make enemy sick. Many times it happens that our enemy is strong and we cannot compete with them physically soc such dua is quite useful in such cases.

Sometimes it also happens that we do not know who our enemy is as they usually hid and try to destroy us. This dua will make them sick so that they will no longer any danger to you.

You can perform this dua at any time of the day just make sure to take a fresh ablution and wear clean clothes. Perform your Fazr namaaz and also recite the two rakat of the Nafil Namaz. After this, recite the Surah Alam Nashrah in the first rakat after you recite the surah Fatiha.

Make sure to recite the Al-Feel in the second rakat after the surah Fatiha. You have to think of your enemy while you perform this namaz. Once all the namaz procedures are over, pray to Allah personally to make your enemy sick and the reasons behind it. You will see positive results in a few days.

Your enemy will become sick and will be engaged in his problem, and he will not think of destroying you. Such dua, if performed with full devotion, can also cause their death.

Make sure that Allah will only help you if you want to save yourself from the enemy. People who want to take revenge do not try this as it will not be of any help to them.

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