Learn here Satte Ka Qurani Amal

Learn here Satte Ka Qurani Amal Update 2023

If you ever played a satta but never wins and are wondering how the other people win so quickly, here is the way. There is satte ka qurani amal by which you can easily win any satta and fulfill all your financial needs. All you have to do is to follow the below mention dua sincerely.

Make a fresh ablution and after offering the Zohar namaaz. At first, recite the Durood Shareef for 11 times. Now read

” Subhaan Allahi Wabhihamdee Subhan Allahiazeem for fifty-nine times.”

Remember to end the dua by 11 times recitation of the Durood Shareef. You have to continue this particular dua for 12 days. It will also be beneficial if you recite Qaaziyal Haajat day and night in your mind.

Remember, after winning the money, spend it for a good cause and to buy things that can make your family happy. Never spend this money on alcohol, drugs, or some useless items.

Satte Ka Qurani Amal

If you do not have your own house, you can spend this money to buy one. In case you have any trouble regarding the process, you can visit any Quranic experts or the Molvi Saab for their expert guidance.

Satte Ka Sifli Amal

Satte Ka Sifli Amal, If you want to win immediate money, there is satte ka sifli amal by which you can earn thousands of money within no time. Such amal, if performed by real dedication, will surely provide you with lots of money.

Many people are born lucky and often receive all the things they desire, but many people do not. They have loose their hard-earned money to play Satta but never wins. Following this sifli amal will be of great help for such people.

Everyone knows that money is a vital part of everyone’s lives. It has also become an important aspect to keep a person and his family happy. Many people usually get a good job, or their business grows successful.

Some person also gets their parental property, so they do not have to suffer throughout their life. The remaining people who are struggling to survive for them winning in Satta is the only hope left.

On a Friday night, write your wish on a plain paper it should include the numbers which you are planning to play. After this, add a few drops of rose water to it and read

” Subhaan Allah Wahabi Hamdeehi Subhaan Allahila Azeem Astaagh Firuah”

for 121 times. While reciting blow on the paper each time you read or complete this dua. Make sure you keep that paper in your locker where you keep all your money all near the money by which you are planning to purchase the lottery.

After keeping the paper reread the above dua for 151 times. With this money, you can now buy the tickets for satta and you will win.

Satte Ka Number Nikalne Ka Amal

Satte Ka Number Nikalne Ka Amal, If you are working hard to earn for a living and still cannot meet the demands of your family, you can use satte ka number nikalne ka amal.

Everyone knows that inflation is rising and it is challenging to meet such needs and you should also know the fact that it’s not wrong to try your luck in Satta.

If Allah thinks that you will receive money, you will receive it by any means. Saata is just like a treasure that only a few people can win. Before playing this game, you need to recite this dua with pure intention.

Remember to make a fresh ablution and perform your wudu. Make sure to perform this procedure at noon for perfect results. Begin with reciting the Durood Shareef for 11 times in the beginning.

After this recite,”Subhanal laahi Waabi Hamdihi Subhanaal Laahi Azeem Astaag Fir ul Allah,”

for 51 times. Mark the ending of the amal by reciting the durood Shareef again for 11 times.

After this, you have to pray to Allah personally, mentioning him your problem and the need for this money. Perform the same procedure daily for 12 days. You should also know the fact that you have to donate one-fourth of the money to poor and needy after to win the satta.

If you follow all the above rules with full care and devotion, you will win lots of money, and then you and your family will be free from all the troubles. Make sure that the people who are greedy and want to spend their money for an evil purpose will not receive benefits from this dua.

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