Powerful Dua To Shut Enemy Mouth

Powerful Dua To Shut Enemy Mouth 2023

Many friends and enemies are made in human life. Some of these friends are such that they are ready to do anything for you. And the enemy will do your worst. Your enemies do your evil in front of everyone. He beats you in front of everyone, powerful dua to shut enemy mouth, you are made fun of Many problems have to be faced in life due to the enemy. Therefore, we will tell you to get rid of the enemy and to shut his mouth. After reading the dua, your enemy’s tongue will be locked.

The words spoken by the enemy’s mouth often haunt you. The words spoken by him are heard in the ears every time. Because of the enemy, fear has been instilled inside you. If your enemies harass or harass you more, So you need to get astrological advice. If you want to control someone’s mouth or tongue, So you can take the help of Islamic dua. To shut someone’s mouth, you have to pray to molvi ji.

Dua To Shut Enemy Mouth:

In life, one can also find such a person, who keeps searching for different ways to bother you. It is good for you to stay away from such enemy. But due to some reason or relationship, you cannot leave them. Which he takes advantage of. Insults you in front of everyone, dua to shut enemy mouth, day and night bothers you. If any person is after you. Bothers you without any meaning. Allah has made a prayer to teach such people a lesson.

Your enemies know your weaknesses well. Therefore, he takes advantage of your weakness. He encourages you to speak. So that there is a fight between you two. Speaks something like this, Which will make you angry soon. So whenever you have to defeat the enemy. And he has to be silenced forever. So you must read the powerful dua of the Quran. After reading Dua, the enemy will start to weaken. You will also be afraid to come in front of you. And after that the enemy will calm down forever.

Dua To Keep Someone Mouth Shut:

Sometimes it is very important to get someone’s mouth closed while on time. Otherwise, that person can do a lot of damage in the coming time. One should read dua to shut someone mouth. Where there are friends, those enemies are also definitely there. Today is a time when you do not harm anyone, yet someone definitely becomes your enemy success is one such thing, making your enemies is a common thing. The enemy can be your friend, boss, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother or even a neighbor. Even such a person becomes your friend, Which makes you speak bad without any reason.

Some friends are like elephants, because elephant teeth show more. And more to eat. It is good to stay away from such friends. Because they do your evil in front of others. Some people’s tongues move like scissors. Have you been troubled by the disharmony of the enemy? Do you want to remove the enemy from your path forever. So you can get someone’s mouth shut with dua. After reading this dua, the enemy will leave you. And will go away from you.

Allah always listens to dua of those who speak less. But when someone speaks, they keep it down. They never give him a chance to speak. When the matter goes above the head. So it is very important to treat him. Whoever has left your joke. Today he has to see what you can do. He has to learn such a lesson, that he should think 100 times before telling anyone bad. That is why we have brought such a dua from the Quran. Its effect is immediate. Due to the effect of dua, your respect will increase in front of all people. And the person used to show you insults. People will not like it.

Dua To Close Enemy Mouth:

A quarrel between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law continues in the house. They do magic on each other to get each other’s mouth shut. Magic will only be your loss. Therefore, to silence the enemy’s face, you should use dua or stipend. Do you want a prayer such that the enemy’s mouth is closed after reading. So we have brought a very old prayer for you. The person who bites you like a dog all day. Which you don’t even like to see, Even then, that person comes to you after killing. Bores you Allah Tallah has made this prayer only for such people.

All the enemy’s actions can be stopped with this prayer. And the trouble arising from it can be stopped. This dua is small, but very effective. The enemy has the power to defeat this prayer. There will be no harm to the enemy with this blessing. And his mouth and tongue will be closed forever. If you believe in Allah, then you can make your enemy or someone’s mouth shut by dua.

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