Dua For Good Health And Long Life

Dua For Good Health And Long Life Update 2023

A good body is a person’s identity. Every person wants that there is no disease from him. our anwar bhai, He wish you all and I pray to you all about Allah’s glory. Man is a statue made of Skeleton, which is to be delivered to one day only. This world is a compliment in which a human comes and goes. A person made from clay gets it in the soil, dua for good health and long life, you do not have to worry about how much money you have earned. How much money or gold you have. The real earnings of a man is known by his keenness.

Earn anything but you can not take him with you, or he can give you life again. If you do not have to give a shoulder to your shoulders, then what do you mean by such money? You can buy everything from money, but good health and affection can never be overcome. We wish for your good health Therefore, worship Allah and help your people in the needy people. It is common for a part of today’s race in a busy life; there is such a disease which has no solution. Often it is not known what is the disease. Even after treatment, no fayad can be found. Treat your disease first with good treatment and pray with Allah along with treatment.

How To Dua For Good Health And Long Life

Every parents at home take care of their children’s health. If you have good health, you can do all the work easier. Today, in a running race, It is very important to have good health to live long life. no one can take care of their health. Because of which he has to face diseases. From this dua you will not get any disease, may Allah bless you for good health.

  • Show a good doctor (doctor) and pray with him. Drugs do its work and dua does its work.
  • Pray for 5 times after this prayer.
  • Dua performed the top and last 11 months, durud sharif fell.
  • It is not necessary for someone to pray for himself, but you also pray for them, whom you do not know. Do you know someone should get fate in your dua?
  • Remember that while doing dua, do not ignore alpha.
  • By doing this prayer, you or your loved one will soon be healthy.
  • Contact us for any advice.
  • “The work that can not be done with medicine often comes from dua”
  • But now the issue here is how to pray and what duo will be accepted?
  • For this, I am going to tell you today that Pak Dua, which will improve your health soon.

Dua For Good Health And Long Life

“Bismillahi arqika, min kuli shay’in yu’dhika, wa min sharri kulli nafsin aw ‘aynin hahidi, Allahu yashfika, bismillahi arqika”
The way medicine is different, as is the way to pray.

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