Learn here Dua To Make Someone Talk To You Update 2023

Aslam Walikuim My all dear Brother and sister Today, we share Powerful Dua to make someone talk to you. It is very heartbreaking and distressing when someone who you relied on and used to talk to all of a sudden stops talking to you and doesn’t contact you at all. This is very hard to get past, and all you want is for them to talk to you again, to give it another chance.

Whether it was your fault or theirs, you wish for that one last chance just so they can talk to you, and you can explain to them what you want and how much you miss them and how much they mean to you. This could be for friends, family, or even lovers.

Family is difficult, but you are blood, and Allah SWT doesn’t like it when family members stop talking to each other, for they will be accounted for this on the day of judgment.

Even if they are not family, leaving someone in distress and not talking to them when all the other person wants is to talk is also something Allah SWT will ask about. Everyone will be asked about how they have treated people in their life on the day of judgment, so it is very important to ask for forgiveness while you are alive.

Nevertheless, some relationships end, whether that be friendship or lovers or any other type of relationship. Our website offers the best Dua to make someone talk to you. If you follow properly step by step, you are guaranteed to have the result you desire.

Dua to make someone talk to you again

  • After having a fresh shower, take their picture and keep it in front of you when performing this dua.
  • Recite Durood-e-Ebrahimi 3 times.
  • Recite: “La ‘Ilaha ‘Illallahu Wahdahuu la Shareekaa Lahuu, Lahull-mulkuu waa lahul-hamduu yuhye waa yumeetuu waa Huwaa ‘ala kullii shayy’in Qadeerr”
  • Blow the dua on the picture 3 times.
  • Recite the 98th verse of the Ayat al kursi.
  • Keep repeating this process daily until the person starts talking back to you again and shows love for you, Insha Allah! If you want an immediate result, you should contact Molana ji. Allah SWT knows what you are going through. He knows how much you want them to talk to you. He can see your distress but do not worry anymore. He is with you, and so are we. We are here to help.

Dua to make someone agree to what you say

  • Make fresh ablution and sit at a clean place.
  • Then recite this beautiful name of Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala 151 times, “Ya Wajidu.”
  • Then blow it on a glass of water and make the person you want to talk to you drink it.
  • If the person is not available, don’t blow on the water. Think of that person and blow on them or a picture.
  • Insha Allah, by the effect of this dua, that person will soon agree to what you say. If you want any help, you can contact us by clicking on the what’s app icon below.

Dua to make someone think of you

  • Make Ablution.
  • Find a clean place to sit so you can recite this Dua. Make sure your mind is focused.
  • Sit in the direction of Qibla and Recite Dua “Ya Wadudu” for 101 times.
  • Keep the picture of the person in your mind with whom you want to contact.
  • Now take a glass full of water, blow on the water’s surface, and give it to the person to drink.
  • Insha Allah, that person will be thinking of you soon… Ameen.

If you need any further assistance in this, call our Islamic scholar Molana ji. He will guide you in this.

You have to keep faith in Allah Talah and Insha Allah. One day your lover will contact you automatically.

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