Dua For Getting Love Back

Learn Here Dua For Getting Love Back

Love is the most fascinating journey of a person’s life. It gives you whole enriching experience of the world around you. It is the most beautiful experience when you get the love of your lover. However, when difficult circumstance arrives it turns your world upside down. There are instances when you break up with your lover because he doesn’t value your emotions or feelings. The couple tends to fight over trivial matters which take the relationship on the verge of breakup. However, you can save your relationship by reciting the dua for getting love back.

Islamic Dua For Getting Love Back

You are going with a tough phase in your relationship where your lover has lost interest in you. You want to get him back anyhow but he seems to be detached from you. This is where the relationship takes a turn. In such cases you can seek guidance from Islam where the ayatas and dua to get love back are given. You must not lose heart as you can recite the Islamic dua for getting love back. It will help you get your love back in your life easily. If you have recently confronted with a break up then also you can win him back by the Islamic dua for getting love back.

Strong Dua For Getting Love Back

The dua for getting love back holds power from Allah (swt) and is very strong and effective in reconciling the relationship with your lover. Before reciting the strong dua for getting love back you need to have faith in Allah (swt) to make the dua work. Insha Allah your lover will come back and confess his feelings for you.

Wazifa For Lost Love Back

  • Given below is the wazifa for lost love back. You can recite this dua if you want to create love in your partner’s heart.
  • Keep the halal fod always
  • Obey all the Islamic rules i.e 5 times prayers.
  • Respect and obey your parents and elders
  • Don’t hurt anybody’s sentiments
  • Pray 2 rakat of Salat o taba before you start with the amal/wazifa.
  • Read this before and after reciting Durood Shareef for 3 times
  • Begin this amal on Thursday
  • While doing the amal concentrate about your loved one and after the wazifa say his/her name with mother’s name and blow it.
  • You can also give sadka (food) to a hungry person.

With the help of the wazifa for getting love back you will be able to get along with your partner. The results can be seen in few days. If your partner has parted his ways with you he will come back to you and love you forever. In case you want to know the correct manner of reciting the wazifa for getting love back you can consult our Islamic Molana. He will guide you with the right method of performing the wazifa along with that he will give you the taweez for lost love back.

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