How To Use Wazifa To Make Someone Fall In Love

How To Use Wazifa To Make Someone Fall In Love Update 2023

It can be very distressing to find out that the person you love does not love you back in return. There are many people on the planet, but there is only one special person whose heart you want to win.

Wazifa To Make Someone Fall In Love

If you feel that the person does not love you, then you can try a wazifa to make someone fall in love with you. Then you will always be together with the person of your dream.

With the wazifa, you will ensure that the person reciprocates your feeling and falls in love with you. This is simple wazifa, but if you follow it meticulously, Allah’s blessings will shine on you. You can do this wazifa at any time of day or night, but you have to be clean and wear clean garments.

  • First, perform ablution
  • Then, for 1000 times recite Allah Hus Samad without stopping
  • After that, recite Durood Shareef 11 times without stopping
  • Pray to Allah so that love is born in the heart of the person who you want to fall in love with you.
  • Do this wazifa for 21 days consecutively. By the end of 21 days, the person will come to you and profess his love.
  • In case you see a delay in results, continue for 41 days, after which you are sure to find positive results. You can also try another wazifa, but during this time, make sure you read your Salah 5 times daily.
  • Wash and wear clean clothes.
  • Then, offer two Rakat of Nafil
  • After that, recite the following Dua:
  • HasbunAllahu wa ni`mal wakeel
  • Then, read the Durood e Tunjeena for 40 times.
  • Pray to Allah to make the person of your dreams fall in love with you.
  • Do this for 21 days, and you are sure to find positive results.

Wazifa To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Psychology

Wazifa To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Psychology, With the wazifa, you can alter a person’s psychology, and his heart and mind will change completely. Then he will be able to fall in love with you. Start the wazifa on a Friday night.

  • First, perform ablution and wear white clothes.
  • Sit in a quiet corner and think about the person whom you want to fall in love with you.
  • Next, recite the following Dua for 320 times in a soft voice:
  • Bismillahir- Rahmaanir- Rahim Yaa Ghiyyasal Mustagheeseen
  • Then, light incense and think about the person.
  • After that again repeat the Dua for 570 times

Another wazifa is also very effective in this case.

  • Take a proper shower and wear clean clothes.
  • Then, recite the Durood Shareef 11 times
  • Then, read a suitable ayat after consulting a Maulvi
  • After that, read the Surah Fatiha for 15 times
  • After that, read the Durood Shareef 11 times
  • In the end, blow on a sweet and make the person you want to fall in love with you to eat it.
  • Do this for a few weeks, and you will see positive results.

Wazifa To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

Wazifa To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You, If you are a man and you want to make a specific girl fall in love with you, then you can try this very effective wazifa.

However, you should have a pure desire for the woman, and not anything sinful or lustful, if you want the wazifa to be successful.

  • First, make sure you did ablution and then wear clean clothes.
  • Then, recite the dua:
  • Yuhib Bahum Wa Yahib Bunahu Azil Latin Alal Mu’meenena Aa Izzatan Alal Kaffireena
  • Recite this Ayat on any dish which cannot be cooked over fire. So any sweet dish made without fire or some juice would be fine.
  • Recite the ayat for 99 times.
  • Then, give it the girl you want to fall in love with you. You will see results in a few weeks.
  • You can also recite the following ayat:

Watumtu kalmatu Rabika Sedqan Adila La Mubadil Lakalmathi Wahowa Sameeun Aleem.

Read this for 99 times, and after each recitation, blow on a sweet dish.
Give it to the girl you want to fall in love with you.
Another wazifa is also known to be very effective. You have to start this on a Thursday night.

Have your dinner and read the following prayer:

Bismillahir- Rahmaanir- Rahim Yaa Ghiyyasal Mustagheeseen

Could you read it for 320 times?
Then follow it with another prayer
Inna Allah Yusminuo Mannyashao

Do this continuously for 40 days.

Wazifa To Make Him Fall In Love With Me Only

Wazifa To Make Him Fall In Love With Me Only, There is this specific wazifa in which a girl can try to make a man fall in love only with her. It is as follows:

  • First, perform Wudu
  • Then, Recite Ya Wajid for 111 times
  • Blow on a glass of water or any other watery substance
  • Please give it to the person you want to start your relationship with and ask him or her to drink it.
  • Another wazifa to make someone fall in love is the following:
  • First, make ablution and sit in a quiet place
  • Read the Durood Shareef 8 times
  • Then, read the following Dua:
  • Ya Haaqi La Ilaha Illa Anta Subhanaka Inni Kunto Minazzalemeena
  • Read the Dua for seven times
  • Then, again read the Durood Shareef for seven times
  • Blow on a glass of water
  • Make a strong prayer to Allah to convey your love to the person of your choice and seek his blessings.
  • You can also recite the following amal:

Minak Abdidh- dhaleel llal Mawlal Jalee

Then, pray to Allah at night and go to sleep on the same spot where you sat and made the prayer.
Do this wazifa for 15 days, and then you will find the person you are in love with, reciprocate your feelings as well.
With the wazifa to make someone fall in love, you will surely find a life partner who will always be by your side. You will have a happy and prosperous life with Allah’s blessings.

Free Dua to make someone do what you want

Free Dua to make someone do what you want Update 2023

This article is all about Dua to make someone do what you want. What if I say your wishes will come true by DUA. Dua is the most powerful weapon for those who believe and just a mere set of words for those who don’t.

The atheist population believes in working hard to get what they want. In this article, we will share some Dua to make someone do what you want. True prayer is a bonus with all the hard work that needs to be done.

If you are searching for Dua to make someone do what you want immediately, then you are in the right place. Sometimes Allah helps in a second. Sometimes it takes lots of time. Dreams, wishes give us hope and a purpose to live. The power of the universe and the one which lies within you can drastically change your life and make your every wish come true.

How to perform Dua to make someone do what you want

  • First, clean yourself properly. (WUDU)
  • Then Recite DUROOD-E-INAAM Seven Times.
  • After that, Open Chapter No.34 in Quran, Recite Surah Saba Verse (1-4) Five Times.
  • Finally, Make Dua to Almighty Allah for that desired person to do what you want.
  • You should always keep in mind that prayer is only accepted when the person is true at heart. As much as a dua is sacred and pure, a wazifa is impure. Sometimes wazifa work but only when they are referred directly by Qur’an and Sunnah.

Some important tips for Dua to get what you want.

Before any Dua/Wazifa, we want to give you some tips related to Dua to make someone do what you want-

Believe in yourself

This is the starting point for every action. How will the universe work for you if you don’t believe in yourself? Maybe you have failed a lot, but there is still a chance for you if you did not quit.

Have faith and pray

Wondering why praying is a second thing? Remember the line- “Allah helps those who help themselves”. Always pray before going to sleep and also thank Allah for giving me a purpose to live, my wish! First, believe in yourself and then remember that you have the power of the universe behind you.

Be determined

Don’t forget about your ultimate goal, your desire! Lack of focus and determination is the main reason why the wish does not come true. Please don’t keep your wishes as an idle thought or imagination; work for it.

Positive vibe

Don’t have a positive environment? Create one! I had to come out of my comfort zone so that I can have a positive mind.

If you want some things that play an important role in your life, you can recite Dua to get what you want.

If you want to get your love back, you can recite Dua to get your lost love back.

If you want someone to respect you and listen to you, you can recite this Dua to make someone obey you.

3 Most Powerful dua to get what you want

Here we provide powerful dua to get what you want, So do this properly with a clean heart and faith in Allah (SWT).

  1. Powerful dua to get what you want

You have to repeat below 12 times each day. Perform this wazifa with a fresh mind.
“Allahummaj-al-min azwajina wa dhurriyatina qurrata a-ayunin waj-alnaa lil muttaqeena imaamaa”

  1. Powerful dua to get what you want

This is the best powerful dua for a miracle. Perform this Dua after Isha Namaz.
“Hasbunallahoo wa Lah namall wakell Qwata Illah Baillahill waa Naseer.”

  1. Powerful dua to get what you want

Recite below dua after fajr Namaz at least 12 times. This is the best dua for urgent needs.
“Allahumma Salli Ala Muhammadin Waa Alaaali Muhammadin Kama Sallyta ala Ibraheema“

If you need any help with Dua to make someone do what you want, Contact our Molana ji on WhatsApp.

Wazifa To Make someone Mad In Love With You

Wazifa To Make someone Mad In Love With You Update 2023

Aslam Walikum My All dear Brother and sister Today we give you Powerful Wazifa To Make someone Mad In Love With You Love is such a thing which is the most different thing or beautiful thing in the world. You think about how this thing is other and beautiful. It is happening.

This is the thing that happens when you love someone, then you will feel amazing with him, you like to spend your time with him, and you feel like the happiest human in the world, you think that you live in a beautiful world.

If you like someone and want to marry them, you are in the right place here. We are sharing dua and Wazifa to make someone mad in love with you. You can perform any dua from this article, then read the full article correctly. Don’t skip any part of this article.

How to Perform Wazifa to make someone mad in love with you?

  • Here is The process for Wazifa to make someone mad in love with you
  • Recite DUROOD-E-INAAM 11 times.
  • Then Open Chapter No.23 in Quran.
  • Recite Surah Al-Mu’minun (1-5) Five Times.
  • At last, Make Dua to Allah to make that desired person mad in love with you.
  • Do this Ritual for one week. If you want a quick result, then contact our Molana ji.

How to Perform Wazifa to make someone mad in love with you?

One of the essential things we should remember is that it is only for believers. Sometimes when we pray or asking dua, but Allah doesn’t help us. It doesn’t mean that Allah doesn’t love us.

Wazifa to make someone crazy in love

In this universe, one thing is common, that is love. Some couples are in love with someone. We can say it is one-sided, or maybe it is both-sided. So we also Provide Wazifa For One Sided Love.

Dua Wazifa to Win Back Someone Love.

It’s the best Dua to make someone mad in love with you. We all know that from early times, many people take the help of the wazifa to make someone fall in love with you.

If you want to make someone crazy in love with you, Then follow these steps-

  • First Recite “la ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah” 100 times.
  • Then Recite this Wazifa “Wa La Qad Fatanna Sulaimana Wa Alkaina” 100 times.
  • Finally, Pray To Almighty Allah to make that Desired person crazy in love with you.
  • Do this Ritual for one Month. Wazifa to make someone mad in love with you is very powerful and makes things work in your favor quickly. With the help of wazifa to make someone mad in love with you, your lover gets separated from you due to the problems growing in your personal life.

If you want to make someone crazy in love with you, Then follow these steps-

Always remember that almighty Allah has arranged the most natural life for you. So never fall behind, learn from your wounds, and make it your strength to succeed in your life.

Here is Wazifa to make someone love you

First, Think about that desired person by pure heart, then Read any Five names of Almighty Allah. Then Recite “bismillah hir-Rahman nir Rahim” Now, Read Verse No.14 of Surah Al-Mu’minun. Do this Ritual for one Month. Within one month, your desired person loves you and make falls in love with you.

Is there any dua to make someone fall in love with you?
And yes, you can make someone love you. It is just that love-the idea of it -is not .what keeps people together. People do not love each other at the same time all the time.

  • Note This – Take that desired person photo in your hands when you perform this dua.
  • First Read Durood Shareef eleven times.
  • Then Recite “Allahu Samad “1000 times.
  • Now Recite “Bismillahir- Rahmaanir- Raheem” 100 times.
  • Finally, Recite Surah Ya-sin Verse (15) Five times.
  • Do this Ritual for one Month if you won’t make that desired person fall in love with you. If you want an immediate result, you should contact our Molana ji.

Wazifa to create love in someone’s heart

If you want Wazifa to create love in someone’s heart, then click on this link and read about it Dua To Create Love in Someone Heart.

Dua To Make someone Mad In Love With You

Dua to make someone mad in your love Update 2023

Loving someone and not getting the same love in return is very hurtful. You may try every worldly thing but fail to turn your lover’s heart towards you. If your partner lacks interest in you or he/she doesn’t have that crazy in love feeling for you, then you should practice dua to make someone miss you. The dua will help you in creating love affection and intimacy in your partner’s heart for you. He/she will readily fall in love with you all over again.

If your partner takes you too much for granted and doesn’t appreciate your love or presence in his/her life, then you should practice dua to make him miss you. The dua is all-powerful and will help you in making your partner realize your importance. Your partner will miss you and would think of you all the time. The dua to make someone love you back will revive and rejuvenate your love life and never let your partner move out of relation. It will make your partner acknowledge all that you have done for him/her

If you and your lover have fought over something and you both are not on talking terms with each other, then you should perform dua to make someone talk to you. The dua will create an urge in their heart to come to you immediately and talk about the problem and resolve it. Insha Allah, with the help of dua to make someone call you, all your relationship problems will get resolved and things will be back to normal. If you think that your partner is ignoring you and not giving you sufficient time, then also you can recite dua to make someone miss you and get their complete attention.

Dua To Make Someone Miss You

So, just put all your faith in Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala and recite dua to make someone love you back and Insha Allah, soon you will get positive results. It may be heart-wrenching to see your partner ignoring you but with your firm faith in the dua, you will definitely be able to make a difference. Make sure you recite the dua with clear intentions and the right motives. Also, recite the dua to make someone love you back with the intention of marriage because then only your relationship will be halal.

Dua To Make Someone Miss You is given below:

“Allah Humma Rabban Naasi Ish Fi Anta Shafi Wa Aafi Antal Maa’afi La Shi’fa An Ila Shi’Fa Ika Shifa’ An La Yugadiru Sukaman Wala Maya Kafi Ya Waafi Ya Hameedu Ya Majeedu”

Recite this dua after the namaz of maghrib 201 times and make dua to Allah Talah to bless you with the love of the person whom you love with all your heart.

Insha Allah, within a period of 21 days you will feel changes in the behavior of that person.

If you have any further queries related to the dua, then you can contact us for it. We will direct you the correct procedure for the same.

Dua To Make Someone Love You Back

Love becomes obsolete and painful if it is not both sided. Carrying the burden of a relationship on your shoulders doesn’t bring you any happiness. However, if you really want to make your relation prosperous and healthy, then you should recite dua to make someone contact you. It will create similar feelings in that person and he/she will melt for you. The dua for making someone crazy in love will add more romance and intimacy to your relationship and make it successful.

If your partner doesn’t give you much time and spends weeks without contacting you, then dua to make someone contact you will definitely help you out. The dua will create restlessness in that person’s heart and he/she would get impatient to talk to you, meet you and come to you. Insha Allah, soon that person will realize your importance and would do everything you want. You can also perform powerful wazifa to make someone mad in love with you will never let any distance or discrepancies come in your relationship and make it work for both of you.

Powerful Wazifa To Make Someone Mad In Love With You

If you are worried because your partner is always involved in other girls and he doesn’t call you or talk to you much, then you should practice dua to make someone call you instantly and Insha Allah, you will get a call from him. The dua will make your partner realize his mistake and he would immediately contact you. If you are worried because you feel like you are the one dragging the relationship and your partner has no interest in this relationship, then da to make someone contact you will end this problem of you. It will make your partner always be in close connection with you and never leave you alone.

It is good to discuss the steps of dua to make someone call you instantly from our molvi sb. He will provide you the necessary steps to recite the dua in an appropriate manner. If you think that your partner is gradually losing interest and soon your relationship will come to an abrupt end, then dua to make someone crazy in love will revive your relation. It will make your partner love you deeply and intensely and never give up on you. It will make your relation stronger than before and create immense love in your lover’s heart for you.

  • Keep a glass of water in front of you while reciting this dua.
  • Recite “Ya Wadoodoo” 303 times and blow on the glass.
  • Recite “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum” 111 times and again blow on the glass.
  • Think of your lover and pray to Allah talah to make him/ her madly fall in love with you.
  • Insha Allah, in just a month’s time, your lover will go crazy for you.

Make sure you recite the dua sincerely or else you will not get any results. Also, you should recite the dua with the intention of marriage and no haram purpose.

Surah Taha For Marriage In English

Surah Taha For Marriage In English Update 2023

Do you want a Powerful Dua or Wazifa for Love Marriage? If yes, then don’t worry, “Surah Taha for marriage” will solve every wedding-related problem.

We will request you to read the whole article because half the information about any subject is of no use. It will only take five minutes.

Surah Taha for Marriage in English

Nowadays, marriage problem is a prevalent issue. If you face any challenge in getting married, then reading Surah Taha for Marriage will surely help you.

First of all, let me be obvious that just reciting and reading Quran is very helpful.

Many peoples ask us, Is Surah Taha for Marriage? Yes, Surah Taha is very helpful in marriage issues. In this article, we had mentioned all the benefits of reciting this beautiful Surah. Remember one thing we only tell authentic duas and wazifas here, so don’t worry they will only help you.

Reciting Surah Taha will help you to ask Allah SWT to help you directly. There can be a thousand types of problems at your wedding. We will try to mention the most common questions and their solutions here.

Wazifa for Marriage in English

If you want to perform Surah Taha Wazifa for Marriage, then follow the instructions:-

  • First of all, take a white paper.
  • Write down the ayat number 31 and 32 of Surah Taha.
  • Now tie this on your arm like a taweez.
  • Now you have to sit at a quit place after Isha Salah, and you have to read the following:-
  • First of all, make a fresh ablution.
  • Then recite Durood Sharif for eleven times.
  • After that, you have to repeat those ayats for 1100 times.
  • In the end, again, you have to recite Durood Sharif for eleven times.
  • Now pray to Almighty Allah Subhan Wa Tallah for your Marriage. A woman should avoid this wazifa during periods.

Dua to get a good marriage proposal

If you are not getting good marriage proposals due to unknown reasons, you can recite the dua mentioned below. Insha Allah soon, you will start to feel changes in your situation.

Dua to get a good marriage proposal

Many young teenagers encounter difficulties in getting married to their lovers. The Islamic Dua for love marriage is a beneficial opportunity to remove all the challenges from a wedding.

Love marriage is Islam is a controversial topic. But in my opinion, if you like someone and haven’t committed any sin with him/her, then Dua for Marriage will surely help you. Dua is a medium of asking help from Allah (SWT). So if he allows you to get married to your lover, then I don’t think anything will bother you.

If you do love Marriage, then peoples will do gossips about you. But trust me, If your dua to get married to your lover is accepted, then other people’s opinions won’t matter.

Surah Taha is the best marriage dua in Islam. Just put your faith in Almighty Allah and see the results by yourself.

If you think your duas are not getting accepted by Almighty Lord, you should try Dua Qabool Hone Ki Dua.

Wazifa to make your husband respect you

Wazifa to make your husband respect you Update 2023

Wazifa For Husband Love And Respect or for husband to respect wife can be use for husband attention. You can use our dua to gain love and respect from husband. In every marriage, the most important element that sustains the bond is love and respect from both couples. It is often found that though you are respecting your husband, he never returns your respect. Also, he doesn’t even bother to make you feel loved.

And such kind of negligence can help fishers you as you may feel uninterested in your married life. It will only degrade your mental status. But since you are a blessed child of Allah, he would never want to suffer like this. The wazifa for husband to respect wife will provide you with all the respect you deserve. It will make your husband think twice before casually treating you. And in a way, transform him for betterment.

Wazifa For Husband Love And Respect

Your dignity is your treasure, so don’t let it go even by your husband. He must give you much respect before expecting dignity from your side. If you are insecure and your husband for not getting enough attention, you should follow the second wife, the wazifa for husband attention. It will make your husband conscious of all your small details. With this, he will share all his secrets with you and will start thinking of you as his best friend.

You will become his glorious girl whom he will pamper the most. In a healthy marriage, both love and respect are, therefore, important. If he naturally doesn’t express such gestures to you, then come into Allah’s consideration. So, the dua to gain love and respect from husband is a combined prayer wishing for both love and respect.

Wazifa For Husband To Respect Wife

Wazifa For Husband To Respect Wife, As shared earlier, expecting dignity from anyone is your right. But in homes like that of husband and wife, such expectations can’t be taken coercively. In such cases, the mercy of the lord is the greatest path in front of us. Even if it looks unbelievable, but many have got their results within a few days. It helped their husbands to value their wives ‘ image. If you want to get more love from your husband then use Wazifa To Make My Husband Love Me.

The problem of bad behavior coming from their husband is typical for every family where the wives are homemakers. Since they don’t earn, their husbands intimidate them. The wazifa for husband to respect wife can save your problems if you are going through this kind of issue. Follow the steps for the wazifa:

  • Sit in your namaz mat in the ruku posture during the nighttime. Open your windows and offer to perform your isha namaz stare at the moon for five minutes.
  • Then attentively read chapter 24 of the Quran without missing a single line.
  • After that execute this surah:
  • alaihtiram hu ma yastahiquh aljamie lkna albashar yasnaeun alaikhtilafat Yuji yata jahalni li’an ani la ‘amlik Waziristan munasabat yaetaqid ‘anani her eamal lileayila min fadlik ajealh yafham a’hamiyatan baladi lileayila

Repeat this wazifa for the husband to respect the wife ten times. With this, there will be a massive difference in your husband. And he will now start respecting your dedication to the family. But do remember to follow the wazifa at night. As it will not work if followed at other times of the day. Also, your husband must maintain our image in front of others.

Wazifa For Husband Attention

Wazifa For Husband Attention, Your husband can neglect you for two reasons. As it can be because of too much pressure and can also take you too lightly and casually. The surahs, for both reasons, are different. The wazifa for husband attention can help you to get your husband’s attention back. It has been used by many wives who were not satisfied by their husband’s behavior. Begin the wazifa in this manner.

Take a clean bath with warm water and wear light color cotton or woolen clothes depending on the season.
Then start your morning fajr namaz after reciting fi akdam alibi thirty times. It will help you to let Allah know your gratitude towards him.

After that, if your husband is busy with official works and is giving less time to you, then recite the dua:
zawjiun lays sayiyaan bitabieatih walikota al mushkilat al wahida maeah wabayn alrrabitat alzawjiat ladayna hi anah la suite waqtaan kafiaan Li yrja alqiam bishay’ ma hataa yuqalil maktabah al maktabi wayumkin ‘an yaetini al ihtimam al kamil

Do this ayat two times, and automatically all the burden your husband has in his head will reduce. As a result, his sole attention will be on you. The wazifa for the husband’s attention is fruitful for removing workload so that he never fails to spend time with you. Another ayat to get husbands attention or love is:
eazizi alrab yrja jaeal zuji yafham ‘ahmiti wa’iidha kan dhlk mumkinaan tatwir alhabi balnsbt li fi ruwhih

After reciting this wazifa, your husband will never mistake taking you for granted.

Dua To Gain Love And Respect From Husband

Dua To Gain Love And Respect From Husband, Getting respect is not a one-way process. Since your husband gets respect from you, then he has to pay back to you. But it can take a lot of time to teach such thought processing in his mind. And it can become too long to remain any affection in between.

The dua to gain love and respect from husband can fasten the entire process with its magic. With your few simple steps, your family will gain stability for a lifetime. Here’s the entire process to perform the dua to gain love and respect from the husband, which needs to be exact to become successful. The chanting surah for getting love and respect are different.

  • First, pour some water in your hand while doing the evening Maghreb namaz.
  • Then as soon as you finish your namaz, recite durood e insaf ten times.
  • Then rinse the water in your face.
  • Followed by that if you want respect from your husband then recite the surah:
  • ya rabu limadha la yaetini karma limadha yueamaluni mae khasayir saeiduni min khilal jaealah yahtarim tajahi

But if your husband doesn’t love you or gives enough attention, then use this surah:

alhabu ‘aemaa fahal mushaeiriun lah lukunah la yahtam bisubhanahu wata la yumkin ukfaqat khalaq alhabu fi qalbi bal sbt li

You will get a pleasant reaction from your husband’s side within a month. The dua to gain love and respect from husband should be done passionately. Also, remember Allah with a whole heart, then only he will respond to your prayers. Thus, the wazifa for husband love and respect will soften your husband’s heart for you. And he will get impressed with everything related to you.

One night Wazifa for All Wishes

One night Wazifa for All Wishes Update 2023

Wazifa for Hajat is the most powerful wazifa to solve all the love-related problems, financial issues, family issues, get success in exams, and the most importantly get success in life. Everyone in this world wants to solve their problems and almost everyone has problems in their life. If there is any problem then there are also solutions to those problems and we only have to search for that solution.

Hajat means to solve problems permanently and the exact hajat meaning is to achieve that thing which is your ambition. If you want to do love marriage or want to solve a court case, then wazifa for urgent hajat is that wazifa that will help you to solve all your problems permanently from your life. Are you looking for a powerful Dua for any Hajat or powerful wazifa for any wish, then you come in the right post?

Wazifa for HAJAT in 1 Day immediately 100 Guarantee

Because here in this post, we are going to provide you wazifa for hajat in 3 Days and if you will perform that wazifa in the right way. Then after a few days, or at night, you can solve all types of problems. And if you have any wish, then you can also achieve that wish as fast as possible. So, stay here and read the complete post in detail and know everything.

Strong Wazifa for Hajat on Friday

A human being does everything to get success in their life, he/she does lots of hard work in his or her life to achieve what he/she wants. But sometimes we don’t achieve that thing which we are looking for and we see lots of hurdles obstacles in our path. We face lots of problems in that path and sometimes we blame our destiny as well.

You know brothers and sisters, the almighty Allah has already written our destiny but sometimes we change our destiny with the help of dua, wazifa, taweez, etc. So, if you want to change your destiny, then take help from wazifa, the most powerful dua for hajat, as well as Molvi Sahab. In Sha Allah, with the help of the almighty Allah, our Molvi Sahab will help you.

Wazifa for Hajat in 1 Day in English

Have you ever talk with the almighty Allah like he is seeing you and he is standing in front of you? We think No because we human beings always busy with our work. And we don’t have that time to please our Almighty Allah by offering Salah, doing good things, speak nicely with younger and elder.

So, if you will offer prayer in time then almighty Allah will help you and solve all your problems. If you are not achieving anything and you are facing any type of issue whether a hard issue or a small issue. Then as fast as possible, the almighty Allah will bless you and provide you everything in this world as well as in Akhirah. Perform the below wazifa for hajat after Fajr in the below-mentioned steps or points.

The Procedure of Wazifa is:

You have to perform that wazifa for hajat in one night step by step. And all those steps are shown below:

  • You have to perform this wazifa after offering Fajr Salaah with a clean heart, mind, clothes, etc.
  • Chant bismillahirrahmanirrahim 2100 times and after that, recite Surah Kousar 129 times.
  • After that, again chant Ya Aleemuu 300 times and then make a dua along with your wish.
  • If you will perform this, then after a few days you will hear a piece of good news and Inshallah the almighty Allah will help you.

If you think you are not getting any type of benefit from the above wazifa, then at the time you have to contact our Molvi Sahab. And with the help of him, you will also get fast results as fast as possible.

Wazifa to Get Divorce from Husband or Wife

Wazifa to Get Divorce from Husband or Wife Update 2023

Are you facing complications with your partner that become a source of pain for you? After spending a lot of time together, suddenly you find something is missing. The nature of your husband or wife is changing, and the behavior is unusual. Your husband has gone away from you, and now he becomes a drunker.

If you are a wife, then now it makes you lose control over your husband. It is very tough for women to conclude that changing their entire life and the decision to leave their Husbands. It is very toughest to live with your partner while having fought. Many people got bonded with the pious responsibility of marriage, and then they couldn’t understand marriage’s true meaning.

So, if your husband is among them who are carefree with their marital duties, falling in a bad relationship with other women, have disputes with you.

Dua for getting Talaq

Sometimes we get caught up in wrong marriages and destroy our lives even before we understand this problem’s depth. Marriage is a blessing of God, but in some cases, it becomes a curse. As a woman, you don’t deserve such treatment. Your husband is supposed to be your friend, protector, and soulmate. Don’t put up with him if he doesn’t treat you in the right way.

Divorce (Talaaq) may be challenging to take, but it is better than the suffering a dead marriage will give you. You deserve happiness in your life, and an abusive relationship can never give anything but pain and regret.

The situation turns worse when domestic violence and the other woman get involved. Nothing is worst than getting into an unwanted relationship where there is no love. For a woman, carrying the burden of a dead relationship is a hard thing to do.

Read this prayer after the Fajr prayer: –

First, perform ablution according to the Sunnah. Then say the Fajr prayer.
Read this verse repeatedly. Then recite Durood Sharif 3 times.
اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وَعَلَى آلِ مُحَمَّدٍ

كَمَا صَلَّيْتَ عَلَى إِبْرَاهِيمَ وَعَلَى آلِ إِبْرَاهِيمَ

.إِنَّكَ حَمِيدٌ مَجِيدٌ

اللَّهُمَّ بَارِكْ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ، وَعَلَى آلِ مُحَمَّدٍ

كَمَا بَارَكْتَ عَلَى إِبْرَاهِيمَ وَعَلَى آلِ إِبْرَاهِيمَ

.إِنَّكَ حَمِيدٌ مَجِيدٌ

Allah Hum-maa Sallii-Aalaa-Muhammadii WaaAalaa-Aalii-Muhammadinn-KaamaSal-Laitaa-Aalaa-Ibraahimaa-WaaAalaa Aalii Ibrahimaalnn-naka Hamiidumm- MajeedAllah Hum-maa Bariik Aalaa MuhammadiiwWaa Aalaa Aalii Muhammadinn kaam aa Barakta Aalaalbraahimaa Waa Aalaa Aaliilbraahima Waa Aalaa Aaliilbrahimaa Inn-naka Hamiidumm-Majeed

Read this durood sharif three times, and then you should read surah Lahab 41 times. Then read durood sharif 11 times.
تَبَّتْ يَدَآ أَبِى لَهَبٍۢ وَتَبَّ. مَآ أَغْنَىٰ عَنْهُ مَالُهُۥ وَمَا كَسَبَ. سَيَصْلَىٰ نَارًۭا ذَاتَ لَهَبٍۢ. وَٱمْرَأَتُهُۥ حَمَّالَةَ ٱلْحَطَبِ. فِى جِيدِهَا حَبْلٌۭ مِّن مَّسَدٍۭ.

“ Tabat yada aabii lahabinn wa tabb. Ma agnaa anhu maaluhu wa ma kasaab. Sayasla narann za ta lahab. Wa amra ta hu hamalata al hataab. Fi gediha hablum mimasad “

Dua to stop divorce:

Marriage is very crucial for its satisfaction and long life. In life, a couple has to face so many hurdles in which balance decreases, but they should know how to deal with it. And, if they die in it, the next step is divorce.

Divorce arises when partners fail to live up to each other. But, if your marriage is not working, it does not mean that you should quit it and sign for divorce. Instead, you should need it to provide another opportunity for your bond and avoid divorce.

Dua for getting Talaq will help you avoid divorce. Divorce will only bring a crisis to your life. But, when you beg to stop divorce in Islam, it fills you with assuring energy and motivates you and your partner to give you another chance.

If your husband agreed to leave you because he is on a bond with another woman, but you do not need to stop your marriage and want your husband back, then pray for divorce to protect his marriage. Insha Allah, your husband, will leave the other woman and come back with you and never argue on divorce.

Dua will renew your marriage to protect the marriage. Your husband will not leave the concept of divorcing you but will love you and take care of you.

Narrate Surah 25 ayat 74 from Quran Shareef as many times as you can. Then make a delicious dish, and both of you eat it.

وَالَّذِيۡنَ يَقُوۡلُوۡنَ رَبَّنَا هَبۡ لَـنَا مِنۡ اَزۡوَاجِنَا وَذُرِّيّٰتِنَا قُرَّةَ اَعۡيُنٍ وَّاجۡعَلۡنَا لِلۡمُتَّقِيۡنَ اِمَامًا

Wallazeena yaqoolona rabbana hublana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrata aa ainin waj alna lil mutakeena e maman

Insha Allah will also turn sweet after someday your marriage, and there will be no more fights between you two, and divorce will never occur.

Dua to win a lottery

Dua and Wazifa to win a lottery Update 2023

Many peoples nowadays face the money problem. They try their luck in a lottery but didn’t get succeed for such peoples today we are mentioning you wazifa to win a lottery. This powerful dua actually belongs to make your luck strong that’s why this dua to win the lottery will work for you. Although your luck is already decided by Allah SWT its mentioned by holy prophets that by making dua in front of almighty you can change your destination. You should only attempt this dua to win lotto if you don’t have any other choice.

Wazifa to win a lotto

This wazifa to win lotto is an effective solution for your money problems. This single wazifa can make you luck shine like a star. Remember one thing star does not have its own shine it shines because of the sun. Here in this wazifa to win lotto sun is mentioned to Allah SWT and your luck is mentioned as a star. So your luck is in shining position just because of Allah don’t forget this ever. Here in this post, we will mention you dua to win lotto with the help of a youtube video. If you find this Dua helpful then don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel Islamic Dua Helpline. At our website Islamic Dua Helpline, our main motive is to provide you solution of any life-related problems. Keep visiting us for more powerful wazifa’s.

Here is Islamic Dua to win a lottery or lotto

So basically this dua can change your whole money related situation. You can see this Islamic dua to win a lottery in the video given above but for better understanding, we are also providing you this wazifa in the text. Below we are mentioning step by step process to this dua.

  • You should make a fresh ablution before performing this Islamic dua.
  • You have to perform this dua after Namaz-E-Fazar in the afternoon.
  • Start from reading Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Then you have to read Surah Nisa 35 times.
  • Then recite this Dua to win lotto 59 times.
  • Subhaan Allahe Waabi hamdehi Subhaan Allahila Azeem Astaagh firrullah
  • In the last again you have to read Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Insha Allah, you will win the lottery.

Note- You should perform this wazifa for 12 days continuously.

If you had read the whole post about powerful Islamic dua for winning a lottery then we don’t think that there is any question of a doubt should be there in your mind. At Islamic Dua Helpline, our first priority is to provide easy wazifa’s and dua’s so peoples understand them easily. In any case, you have still any doubts then you can comment down below or you can also consult our expert Islamic scholar Molana Ji.

Karobar Mein Barkat ka Taweez

Karobar Mein Barkat ka Taweez Update 2023

Aj ham ap se karobar mein barkat ka taweez share karne ja rahein hain. Aj kal aksar dekha jata hain ki log achi jindagi jine ke liye koi karobar shuru karte hain par apke karobar mein barkat nahi hoti.

Kafi baar aisa bhi dekha gaya hai ki shuruwat mai karobar acha chalta hain par baad mein karobar mein mandi aa jati hain.

Ager ap is karobar mein barkat ka taweez apne officce ya dukan mein laga denge to apke karobar mein barkat hogi.

Karobar mein barkat na hone ke piche kafi sare masle ho sakte hain. Aksar dekha gaya hain ki apka waqt sahi nahi chal raha hota is wajah se apka karobar manda ho jata hain.

Ye karobar mein barkat ka taweez apke karobar se jude sare masle hal kar dega.

Kayi baar log apki kamyabi dekh kar ap se nafrat karne lagte hain or apke karobar par bandish lagva dete hain aise halat mein bhi Karobar mein barkat ka taweez behad faydemand sabit hoga.

Karobar mein barkat hone ke liye taweez

Is karobar mein barkat ka taweez ko print karva kar ap apne karobar ki jagah par latka dein.

Ager kudh se likhna chahe to likh bhi saktey hain. Is taweez ko apni dukaan ya office mai latkane se jald hi apko apne karobar mein taraki naseeb hogi.

Wazifa to increase business

Money!! Our need but because of many obstacles makes a problem for us to make money. People near us are manipulators and unfortunately, we are too close to them and we are not knowing about what intentions they are carrying in their mind for us.

These two faced peoples and their evil eyes cause many problems in our life. To overcome from these bad peoples stoppages for your business you need to do this wazifa to increase business this wazifa will increase your income at high pick level which you desired.

This wazifa to increase your business will make every black magic vanish from your business.

Here at Islamic Dua Helpline, you will only find wazifa’s which are useful and tested. Allah Tabarukh Wa ta’ala will help you.