Wazifa For Husband Stop Bad Habits

Wazifa For Husband Stop Bad Habits Update 2023

All desire a well-mannered husband. Unfortunately, if you are married to a husband, who exhibits bad habits like smoking or chewing tobacco, do not be disheartened. Your husband has developed these habits a long time back. So, he would be able to quit it with time. Instead of getting irritated every time he lit a cigar, find ways how it can be avoided by following expert advice.

Be patient with him and help him in the process of overcoming bad habits. Habits are very hard to break because it has developed over time. Unless all the steps specified by an expert are followed strategically, it would be a difficult task to achieve. Your ‘love and affection’ along with ‘counseling and advice’ by the expert will help your husband overcome the bad habit.

Also, hold fast to your faith in Allah. Pray to Him, glorify Him, ask for His Forgiveness and plead to Him for His Mercy. Observe your daily prayers on time and recite the Holy Quran regularly. After every prayer, make the dua for your husband- Say,

  • “Astagfirulla Halladi La Ilaha Illahul Haiyul Qaiyum Waatube Ilahi”
  • for 11 times. Then, recite the beneficial names of Allah 100 times.
  • “Ya Allahu Ya Barru, Ya Allahu Ya Muqallibal Quloobiwal Absar Ya Allahu Ya Latifu Ya Nooru”
  • Insha Allah, your husband’s bad habits will disappear with time. Being a dutiful wife, if you do this for your husband, Allah will be happy with you and bless you with bounty.

Wazifas To Make Husband Get Rid of Alcohol

An alcoholic husband is a menace to the family and sometimes to neighbors too. The addicted person suffers from frequent mood swings and a short temper. While at other times, he remains depressed and anxious. Alcoholism in husband results in frequent fights and resentments within the family. It has a very severe effect on children—drinking results in the death of babies in the womb. Even if the baby survives, he suffers from developmental and behavioral problems.

Getting rid of alcohol is not an easy task to achieve. Win the battle with patience, love, and care. Instead of purposeless fighting with your spouse, please make an appointment with an expert counselor to help him get rid of alcohol. Also, keep your firm faith in Allah, whose Mercy will make the way easier for you. Observe your daily prayers five times a day and recite the Holy Quran regularly.

Every day after Fazer and Isha Salah,

  • Read ‘Darood Shareef’ 3 times.
  • Recite ‘Surah Fatiha’ once, followed by ‘Surah Ikhlas,’ ‘Surah Falaq’ and ‘Surah Naas’ each for seven times.
  • Then recite the first four verses of ‘Surah Baqarah.’
  • Followed by ‘Ayat-ul Kursi’ and the last 2 ayats of ‘Surah Baqarah’
  • End your wazifa by reading the same ‘Darood Shareef’ again for three times.
  • Blow air on your husband after making this wazifa. Insha Allah, Allah will protect your husband from the evil whisperings of Shaitaan, and he would gradually give up drinking.
Which Wazifa Use To Make Child Obedient

Which Wazifa Use To Make Child Obedient Update 2023

These days many children are not listening to their parents. This situation creates many problems in children life. But despite repeated efforts of parents, their children attitude is not change.

Wazifa To Make Child Obedient

To make your child obedient is necessary; otherwise, he goes to the wrong company, which can ruin his future. So it would help if you stopped your child from getting into the wrong company.

Reasons due to which the child is not obedient are-

  • Company of bad child.
  • Negative effects of the outside environment.
  • Bad impact of movies, serials, or the internet.
  • Due to the behaviour of one’s parents.
  • Wazifa is a blessing of god for humanity. It is used to treat various personal problems of one’s life. Wazifa to make child obedient is a tool to solve your problem by making your child obedient.

Subhanaa Allaha Wahabi hamdeh Subhanaa Allaha Azim Astaghhi firullaha

Steps to perform wazifa to make child obedient-

  • Fix a time to do this wazifa every day.
  • Find an isolated place to perform this wazifa.
  • After taking a bath, do this wazifa 151 times every day.
  • Make sure nobody disturbs you while doing wazifa.
  • Lit a Diya and put your child photo in front of you when you are performing this wazifa.
  • Soon you find that your prayer through wazifa is fulfilled. Then your child becomes obedient and listens to you. Wazifa to make child obedient creates a better understanding between you and your child.

Which Wazifa Use To Control Child?

Wazifa To Control Child, To control one’s child is a difficult task these days. Your child not easily listen to you and do things in that manner you want him to do. Because your child never understand that whatever you tell him to do it for his good. No matter he listen to you or not, you must guide him in the right direction.

Situations due to which you want to control your child are–

  • His unruly behavior and attitude towards other people.
  • Involvement of your child in the company of bad people.
  • If he deviates from the path of study and getting into some bad habits.
  • I was negatively influenced by other people.
  • He lost his interest in studies.
  • These are some situations when it is necessary to control your child and take him in the right direction. It is necessary because many times, your child is living in delusion.

Then he is unable to judge what is good for him. So it is your responsibility to take him out of delusion and guide him.

But many times, it is not easy because he does not listen to you. In such situations, wazifa to control a child is a powerful tool that can solve your problem. So by using wazifa to control a child you can control your child.

Wazifa to control child-

Ya wali wlaa allaha saalah Dawood waalah Allah

Steps to perform wazifa to control child-

  • Find a clean and serene place to do wazifa to control the child.
  • Put a photo of your child.
  • Recite this wazifa in front of your child photo every day
  • Soon you will find that you have full control on your child life. Now you should guide him for a better future.

Which Wazifa Use For Stubborn Child?

Wazifa For Stubborn Child, Many children are so stubborn they cannot agree with anyone. Even with their parents. Because they are so stubborn, it isn’t easy to deal with them. Due to their stubborn nature, they cannot listen to their parents.

Many times their stubborn nature creates a problem for them. When they are in a problem, if their parents advise them, then they do not listen to their parent’s advice because of their stubborn nature as a result of that their problem is not resolved.

Any parents of a child do not want to see their child in the problem. Despite their child is stubborn and not listen to them. Parents do whatever they can do for their child.

Wazifa for stubborn children is the solution to the problem of parents. Because of this wazifa, their child listens to them, although he is stubborn.

Wazifa for stubborn child-

La ilaha subhankka ant ila rabbaa yaaa shaay ‘iin wawrithhuy illaahaa kuli al-alihati jalaaluh

Steps to perform wazifa for stubborn child-

  • Find an isolated place for wazifa.
  • In front of your child image lit a Diya.
  • Recite this wazifa 51 times every day.
  • Because of the divine power of wazifa soon, you find that your child nature, which is stubborn earlier, is change into mild. Now he listen to you and agree with you, unlike in the past, when he is very stubborn in his own opinion. It occurs because of wazifa for stubborn child.

Which Wazifa Use For Aggressive Child?

Wazifa For Aggressive Child, Some children are very aggressive. Because of their aggressive nature, they confront anyone. Due to that, they are in trouble. Parents of an aggressive child are always worried because of their aggressive child behavior.

Problems with aggressive child are-

  • Due to the aggressive nature of a child. In slight provocation, they get into a quarrel with other people.
  • Because of their impulsive nature, they do something which could create a problem in their life.
  • Poor decision-making skills.
  • It is difficult to control children because, many times, their aggressive nature results in violence.
  • Due to aggressive temperament, they have poor social skills.
  • If you cannot control your child aggression despite trying hard, you should not worry about it because we are here to help you in controlling your child aggressive behavior through wazifa for aggressive child.

Wazifa for aggressive children is an ecclesiastical tool of Allah through which you can control your child aggression. Because of their aggressive nature, there are a lot of problems in his life.

Wazifa for aggressive child-

Allahu yas jaamii’ lii-yaawmmil unasi laa raaibba fii inallaahaa ukhliful mii’aaad. Ijmaa waa baayaana kaazaa

Steps to perform Wazifa for aggressive child-

  • Sit in a clean and serene place for wazifa.
  • Lit a diya in that place.
  • Put an image of your child in that place.
  • Recite this wazifa 71 times in a day.
  • Could you do it for 180 days?
  • After completion of wazifa, take an image of your child and put that image in your home.
  • Soon you will find that your child aggressive behavior is gone because of wazifa for aggressive child.