Dua to Make Someone Agree With You in 7 Days

Dua to Make Someone Agree With You in 7 Days Update 2023

Are you that person who loves someone and you need someone permanently in your life? If yes, then you are in the right area from where we will tell you dua to make someone agree with you. Is that someone who doesn’t accept you and doesn’t like you and love you? That’s the reason you are is in tension, and you don’t want to live without him or her. All your problems should be solved with the help of the most powerful and working dua to make someone agree.

If you recite this dua, then we are 100% sure that you will get benefits from this dua to make someone agree to what you say. That someone whom you are thinking to marry or make him or her your. Then he or she will come into your life, and he or she will not come only for days. But that someone will come for permanent and never leave you alone. This dua will automatically create the feeling of love, and he or she starts loving you.

make someone agree dua

So, brothers and sisters if you want to know this powerful and working dua. Then stay here in this article and read the complete information.

Dua to make someone agree with you

There are lots of people who thought that we want to achieve this thing or that thing. And maybe you are the type of person who wants to get someone whom you love. You want that someone whom you love one side, and you want to get that someone in your life. But you are afraid of how to propose to him or her because you don’t want to lose him or her. That’s the main reason which you are thinking right now or thought in the past.

You know everything about him or her; that’s why you are is in trouble. If you are facing any type of problem like this to get someone in your life permanently then you should have to take help from wazifa, dua, etc. All these methods are used to get someone in your life permanently, and these are genuine methods. On our every post we recommend you do not take help from any illegal method.

There are various illegal methods which the youngest peoples are doing right now. You don’t be like them, so don’t take help from any illegal methods. You should have to take help from the most powerful and working dua to make someone agree with you. People want to be listened to. A leader does not necessarily need to be born with that quality, but that does not mean that you cannot lead.

Dua to make husband agree

Are you that wife when you say anything to your husband then on the spot, your husband rejects that? And you want to change such type of bad habit of your husband and now looking for the ways. There are various ways to change such types of bad habits of your husband but here in this article. We are not giving you any other method which harms you in the Akhirah. Here in this article, we are going to tell you the most powerful and working dua to make husband agree.

After the recitation of this dua to make someone love you, it will change the mind and heart of your husband. When you say anything to your husband then he will accept that thing. It will also change the behavior of your husband and if your husband always lives rudely to you. Then after that, he will automatically start loving you and listen to everything to you. Here you should have only followed the procedure of how to recite this dua for making someone love you.

Dua to make others agree to what you say

If you say anything to your family or your friend or your brother or sisters, then they don’t take any type of interest in your talk or you. And now you want to change such type of habits of your family or friends or brothers and sisters. You can do this with the help of dua and that dua should be dua to make others agree to what you say.

After that, if you put any type of question or give any type of answer. Then all the members which you are listening to will start to agree with you if you want to know such type of dua to make someone agree for marriage.


  • You should have to pray all the salah in a day and then and while praying the salah.
  • Then, you should have to make the dua for someone or your husband in front of the Almighty Allah.
  • After that recite this Dua:
  • “Innallahaa Yusmiuu Mayiashaa”

After that, In Sha Allah, The Almighty Allah will help you and do agree with someone or your husband or even your family. Aameen. If you want the fastest results, then contact our Molvi Sahab and In Sha Allah, he will help you.

Dua to Fulfill A Wish

Dua to Fulfill A Wish Update 2023

Do you have a wish in your heart which you want to make real? Don’t worry everyone has such wishes in their mind. Today we are talking about Dua to fulfill a wish immediately.

Now peoples will ask does dua for hajat really works? I don’t know why peoples have such doubts in their minds. If you too have any doubts about this then just ask yourself a question that do you believe in Almighty ALLAH SWT?

If you really believe in him then you should never ask such questions. This method is a very ancient technique to ask the Lord for help. Insha Allah, you will get what you desire to have.

I want to make this very clear that I also read this dua when I want to make a wish to fulfill it immediately.

Dua to Fulfill A Wish Immediately

The Dua to make a wish come true will show you results within 7 days. Now you will ask if this dua will take seven days then how you can call it immediate working dua? So, first of all, let me be very clear its an Islamic Dua not any kind of Black Magic.

One more thing if something takes time to get delivered then believe me it will be more effective. Powerful Dua to fulfill a wish is a halal path to reach Allah SWT. You can also subscribe us on YouTube our channel name is Islamic Dua Helpline. Only subscribe if you get any benefits from our videos or articles.

The dua will be mentioned in the video given below and we will also share this dua in writing. Duas are very powerful you can also remove Black magic from wazifa.

Steps to perform Dua:-

  • You have to be in Ablution.
  • Start the dua on Wednesday.
  • Recite ayat no.2 & 3 of Surah Talaq 114 times.
  • In the next step read Surah Qadar 4 times and blow on your four directions.
  • Repeat the same process on Thursday and Friday.

Important note:-

  • Remember you should have a halal wish to see positive results.
  • women should avoid wazifa during periods.
  • You should have positive thoughts while performing this dua.
  • If you are doing all the obligatory prayers then you will get the results soon.
Wazifa To Make Someone To Do Something You Want

Wazifa To Make Someone To Do Something You Want Update 2023

Today we will talk about wazifa to make someone to do something is one of the best wazifa to perform for such a hajat. This wazifa can be used to make someone agree with you. Being able to persuade a person to do something for you is one very beneficial thing.

To begin with, it can help you in your career, business, and love. In addition, this Wazifa To Make Someone To Do Something You Want can help you in any undertakings you may want to go to in life.

Generally, some people have a talent when it comes to this. You can learn this too if you want. Make one thing very clear you should have good intentions and hajat for this dua only then you can make someone do something. You can use this wazifa if someone is ignoring you and you want them to listen to your wishes.

How To Perform Wazifa To Make Someone To Do Something You Want Step By Step

  • Make a Fresh Ablution wuzu.
  • You have to do this after Esha Namaz.
  • After Doing namaz, read Durood Salavat Eleven 11 Times.
  • Now Recite Surah Yusuf thirteen 13 times.
  • Take a photo of that person.
  • Now-Again Recite Durood Salavat Eleven 11 times.

Wazifa To Make Someone To Do Something You Want

Things You Should Keep in Mind Before doing this Wazifa
You can’t use wazifa to make someone to obey you :-

You have to read Wazifa To Make Someone To Obey you before going to meet them.
Making someone marry you.

Making someone to have physical relations with you.

Don’t try to cheat someone.

Don’t hurt anyone.

On our website, we follow a rule to provide the best information to a needy person. So in every article, we also post a video for that particular Islamic Dua. So here is the video.

Surah to get husband back

Shohar Ki Narazgi Khatam Karne or Gusa door Karne ka wazifa
You have to stay in front of that person unless you get your wishes fulfilled. It’s one of the common factors you need to know.

Wazifa To Make Someone To Obey You

Often you want things to be done your way, but people around you are not ready to listen to you or agree with you. If you want someone to obey you and listen to all you say and follow you, you should do this wazifa. This Wazifa will help you in not just changing their mind and heart, but they will reason things out and will agree with your statement.

If you want your partner to listen to you and follow everything you say and not do things on their own, you can also perform this Wazifa to convince your husband to obey you and listen to you. It will not just help you in making your husband or wife follow you but will also create a better understanding between the two of you. If your wife disobeys all you say and doesn’t listen to you or do anything according to your guidelines, then do this, Wazifa to make someone obey you is the best thing to do.

You Can do this Wazifa for anyone, whether he can be your partner, wife, or husband. You can also use this wazifa to convince your parents of something.

How To Perform Wazifa To Make Someone To Obey You Step by Step

  • You must take a shower or make a wudu.
  • Now you should recite this dua “Wa Iza Sa’ Alaka Ibadi Anni Fa Inni Kareeb Ooo Ihibbu Da’watad Daa’ii Iza Da’Aani Fal Yas Tajibu Li Wal Yu’minoon La Alla Hum Yar Shudoon” fifty one 51 times.
  • After reading this dua, you must recite Durood Shareef eleven 11 times.
  • Then Open Chapter No.34 in Quran And Recite Surah Saba (3) Ten times.
  • Finally, you must blow the air on the person you want to obey your words.

Wazifa To Make Someone To Obey You

When you meet them, they will not be able to deny your wishes, and they will do as you say until your desires are not illegal, according to Islam. You should know one thing about this wazifa: making someone do something you want is only working if you will be in front of them. Once you go away from their eyesight, they might change their minds.

Hope Wazifa to make someone to obey you will help you in your wishes. You can only use this wazifa in some limitations. We will tell you the limits of this wazifa. Remember don’t become a sinner in the eye of Almighty Allah (SWT).

If you want to know more about this and you want immediate results. In that case, you can consult Molana Saab on Whats App. They will surely help you with this.

Note – Females are not allowed to perform this Wazifa during periods.