Wazifa To Make Child Obedient

Wazifa To Make Child Obedient

Wazifa To Make Child Obedient or for disobedient child can be use for stubborn child. We have a perfect solution for you that is wazifa for child anger to solve your problem.

Discipline- which we all need to follow in our lives. Without training, we start to act and behave like a monster which nowadays most of the children do. Yes, they act like a monster they do not care about anyone; they only want enjoyment in their life.

Wazifa To Make Child Obedient

They can thrash anyone who uses slang or abuse language, even more than worse acts they do in their daily life. Not only such stuff, but they also forget how to respect their elders and younger ones too. They stop respecting their families as well.

Nowadays, children use slang or abusive language with their parents and talk harshly to them. Sometimes they also try to harm them physically by smacking or beating their parents. Seriously world has changed now when you see such things in your daily routine where a child hits his mother.

Not even such things, these things happen due to lousy friend’s circle. Such type of friends teaches your child some worse things like smoking, drinking, gambling, drugs, and so on. Internet and television have the most significant influence on our children. If they teach good things, then they also have a terrible impact on your children

It does not look good when your children show up in front of guests and relatives and show their lousy behavior. At that moment, your guest also thinks your child does not have etiquette, manners because you never teach them. Here a negative image automatically creates of yours and your children because they are not obedient. use our Wazifa To Make Child Obedient.

Wazifa For Disobedient Child

Disobedience- which is also known as mannerly or undisciplined. Discipline is mandatory in life, only with the help of it you may able to achieve a goal in your life. Otherwise, without control, your life would be tasteless and worthless

Now a question arises how a person can get training in his or her life. Well, as we all know, no one learns from his or her mother’s womb. Things should teach us by anyone, mostly we learn from our parents, family, teacher, friends, and then a time comes when we learn from society and the world.

A person can also learn discipline etiquettes from spiritual books, meditation, religious lectures, right friend circles, practising Islam. Islam can convert those who are engaged in immoral acts; Islam teaches us good things- things which can lead to a good and positive life.

But when a child does not become obedient to his or her parents, their parents feel broken and shattered because they have many expectations from their child.

They also feel shame because they grew up the child with so much love and care and expectations as well. And what they get in return a child who use abusive and slang language with them, a child who does not even give respect to his or her parents. Such a pathetic and worse situation creates for parents and children as well

How to make your child obedient

Recite a Wazifa which mentioned in holy book Qur’an. It assists you in making your child obedient

Inna Ataynakaa Al-Kawtharraa
FasaalliiLirabBikkaa Waa Anhaar
Inna ShaniakaaHuwaa Al-Abtaroo

Wazifa For Stubborn Child

Born as a Stubborn! It Sounds good ha. We all love to call as a stubborn, but what does it mean arrogant, selfish. Some child becomes stubborn, but some born as stubborn.

Well, those children who born and their parents teach them high arrogance standard, they are known taken as stubborn. Because their parents and family fulfil all their wishes and desires. They also teach to hate humans especially to those who are not rich enough

Now we come to the other point, become stubborn. It means a child who becomes stubborn. This child might bear without stubbornness in them, but when the time changes and heals they automatically start act as a Stubborn they want to act as arrogant because either they may earn prior worst experience or enough amount of money

But many times, their parents are not the one who teaches them such stuff; they also get and fed up from such a child. Such parents want to make their children realise that being stubborn is not a good thing.

How to remove stubbornness from your child

In Islam, there is a solution to every problem. As we all know, many answers mentioned in holy book Qur’an. All we need to perform is chant such dua or Wazifa or namaz or ayat, which assist us in becoming a better human and Muslim

AllahuYajTabiIlaihii Mai-Yyashaau
Waa YahdiiIlaihii Mai-Yunis.

Wazifa For Child Anger

Anger the thing which can destroy a house, family, city, country and whole world or universe one never knows the consequences of anger. Once can hide it, neglect it, but can’t vanish it ultimately is a human emotion that develops automatically in a human. Yes once can control it but partially not fully.

As of now, anger has destroyed various things from a family to a country. Controlling on your anger means, controlling your nerves, controlling your desires, and at last, managing you. Yes, once can only get angry when he or she does not understand what he or she desires or expected

Some other causes of anger also exist, such as someone may try to poke you, or someone may try to provoke you by which you will get angry in less than a short time. But what happens when you find such anger in your child, which leads a harsh behaviour and your child does not give you respect anymore.

When your child tries to break each and everything of your home within a second when your child talks to you in a very slang or abusive language

How to cool down the anger of your child

In Islam, there is a solution to every problem. As we all know, many answers mentioned in holy book Qur’an. All we need to perform is chant such dua or Wazifa or namaz or ayat, which assist us in becoming a better human and Muslim

Aauzu Billahhe Minash
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Which Wazifa Use For Disobedient Child

Which Wazifa Use For Disobedient Child Update 2023

Children are considered to be gifts of God. They are an asset not only for the parents, but also to humanity as a whole. Unfortunately, many parents are not happy with their children’s behaviour.

The child creates nuisance all around and has become a cause of irritation for all. The parent does not know how to deal with this problem. Many times the family values are being questioned by the neighbours, and the reputation of the parents are at stake.

Wazifa For Disobedient Child

An ill-behaved child brings spoils for not only himself, but also harmful effects on people around. Child disobedience might be due to the child’s emotional unfulfilled, genetics or the influence of media. But once it is observed in your child, you must take every step to protect your child from the adverse influences. So hurry use our wazifa to make child obedient and make your child obedient.

Along with other measures to rectify your child’s behaviour, you can seek mercy from the Mighty God through wazifa. After every salah read ‘Darood Shareef’ for three times. Then recite the dua given below for seven times-

“Waallajina Yaaquuluna Rabbana Hablana Min Aajwajina Wajurrii Yatina Qurrata Aayuniu Wajaal Na Lil Muttaqina Imam”

End the wazifa by repeating the same ‘Darood Shareef’ for three times. Continue the wazifa for 41 days except during the menstrual period. Insha Allah, with the Divine grace of God, your child will become disciplined.

Wazifa To Change Child Behaviour

Wazifa To Change Child Behaviour, Childhood is the phase of development and learning. A very young child shows irrational behaviour because his brain is not fully developed.

However, if bad behaviour persists and the child ill-behaves in his late childhood, then it is a matter of concern. It is the responsibility of the parents to observe where the child goes wrong and rectify his inappropriate responses.

A child might learn bad behaviour from the company he is surrounded with. He can adapt it from the cartoon characters or the make-believe world portrayed by the media. When the child’s imagination does not match with the reality, he restores to temper tantrums and even violent behaviour.

In the long run, if the child cannot adjust with the real-life, he might fall prey to anxiety and depression. To save the child from such difficulties, the parents must remain alert and help the child to adjust well with his surroundings.

Sometimes, a child might show inappropriate behaviour because of some horror created in his/her mind by a person in his/her surroundings. The parents must observe if anybody causes disturbance to the child in their absence. If you find your child is showing unacceptable behaviour, you can practice wazifa to rectify his/her behaviour.

After Fazer and Isha Salah, recite ‘Surah Al-Kausar’ for7times. Read ‘Darood Shareef’ for three times both before and after the wazifa. Mention your child’s full name and plead to Allah for your child’s mercy. Insha Allah, with the repeated invocation, the blessings of Allah will dawn on your child. Your child’s behaviour will change for the better.

Dua For A Child To Listen To Parents

Dua For A Child To Listen To Parents, Nowadays, with the influence of media, it has become very common for children to disobey their parents. During childhood, it might seem to be a minor issue. But once developed this disobedience towards parents would remain with the child forever.

It becomes a norm for them to ignore parents and their feelings. It results in utter neglect of parents in their old age. So, the parents should be careful about their child’s behaviour. Else they might face severe consequence in future.

It would help if you spent some quality time with your child. Keep a loving relationship with your child so that your child feels free to discuss his/her problems with you. Try to understand your child’s problems and offer easy solutions. You must prove to be a consoler so that your child feels at ease with you.

When a child finds a friendly environment around him, he flourishes to the fullest. The child will listen to you only when he can trust you completely. Love, affection, understanding and care is very important for your child to develop healthily.

If you observe your child is not listening to you despite your best efforts, you can practice reciting this dua-

“Allahumma Inni Auzubika Miu Waladi Ya Kunu Alai Ya Rabba Wa Mimma Liya Kunu Alai Ya Ajabaa”

Recite this dua for 11 times after every obligatory prayer. Say ‘Darood Shareef’ for three times before and after reciting the dua. Continue for 21 days.

Pray to Allah from the bottom of your heart, seeking His mercy. Insha Allah, the blessings of God, will endow on your child and he will start listening to you.

Wazifa For Stubborn Child

Wazifa For Stubborn Child, Your child is very stubborn and does not listen to any good advice. He does not comply with others, bully other children and exhibit restlessness. As a parent, you receive several complaints from his school and your neighbours. You feel very unhappy with his odd behaviour and also feel ashamed at times.

You have to deal with your stubborn child very carefully. Your child should be engaged in activities like drawing, music, dance or sports in which he is interested. Once he finds the channel through which he can achieve his mental satisfaction, his outer turmoil will stop.

Along with this, you can practice wazifa to check your child’s stubborn behaviour. After Fazer Salah read ‘Darood Shareef’ for 11 times. Then recite the beneficial names of Almighty Allah

“Ya Wadudo, Ya Hakimo, Ya Mannano, Ya Rasheedo”

for 300 times and water blow. Your child must not be aware of this, and he must sip this water throughout the day. You have to continue the process for 30 days.

With the blessings of Allah, Insha Allah your child’s stubbornness will be gone, and gradually he will develop good manners.

For rectifying a child’s behaviour, it is always best for the mother to pray for the child. However, if the mother is sick, it can be done by the father or an older adult who serves as the guardian.