Learn here Free Dua To Get My EX Love Back

Learn here Free Dua To Get My EX Love Back Update 2023

Love is a form of affection between man and woman, husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend. Love leads to peace of find. This article focuses on explaining about the dua to get My Ex love back.

If you are getting true and genuine love from someone, you are feeling strong and happy in your life. Love makes us feeling motivated; uplift towards our goals does help in many different ways.

When we are in a relationship, we start becoming a better version of ourselves. Then, instantly if one leaves or wants to quit the relationship, everything starts disappearing. When we start loving someone, we devote all our senses to love him or her.

Due to some issues, things go beyond our control, and we cannot stop the person. When people face this situation, they start praying to god.

Dua plays a major role. Many people tried this process all over the world in the UK, USA, and India. There is a strong relationship between religion and love as religion is all about having faith and showing love towards god. In the Islamic religion. there are some Dua which help to regain the lost love of your life.

Islamic people trust Almighty Allah for bringing back their lost love to live a happy life.

In the Quran, some Dua is mentioned, which guides you when things are not happening in the way you want it to happen.

Some benefits of performing the Islamic dua are getting your Ex back, Dua to make someone loves you, Dua to get your husband back, dua to increase love between husband and wife, etc.

Important note: These Dua starts acting negatively if the right permission is not given. Correct permission is given to Wazifa work like fire so that it harm will not harm you.

Dua To Get My EX Love Back

Love-relationship is one of the most complicated relationship ever. It can be broken on small issues. Basically, it ends due to a lack of trust. If we love someone with all our heart, we should believe that person.

It is the moral necessity of a relationship that both people should love each other and should trust each other. But because of some misunderstanding, the trust between them becomes destroyed and the relationship comes to an end.

But it is really too difficult for each other to live without the love of the other. To make your lover come back to your warm arms, you should definitely perform Dua To Get My Ex Love Back. Sometimes love-relationship also ends s because of the financial problem of your or your lover’s family. Sometimes the person you love the most leaves you because he/she finds another person who is more rich and attractive than you.

Love is about doing things for each other. If you lost your love due to lack of communication, which leads to misunderstanding, and many other relationships are affected by negative energy, curses, black magic, and evil eyes.

The root of every problem in the relationship is a lack of communication. Complete communication degrades all problems and misunderstandings. Dua acts as a mediator between you and your partner for communicating better and leads to improvement of the relationship.

Process To Perform Dua To Get My Ex Love Back

This is true for all cases; if one door closes, another door is already opened; trust the time and god for better things to happen.

Some auspicious things are to be done to get your ex-love back from the day of Friday starts this wazifa; it is recitation, sitting towards qibla facing; direction facing towards mecca in Saudi Arabia, Do wazu and keep imagining the person you want back.

There are some steps to be followed:

  • This Dua is read after the isha namaz; this namaz is considered a mandatory prayer in Islam. It is the second prayer of the day, as according to Islam, the day starts after sunset.
  • First, read the Durood Shareef about 11 times; Durood Shareef is some sentences that highlight praise and honor. They are consist of blessings sent to Prophet Muhammad and his family.
  • Then start reading Surah Ikhlaas about 313 times; surah Ikhlaas is related to purity. his is for pleasing Allah and to bring the blessing of Allah in your sweet home.
  • Then start reading ya Wadoodu about 313 times; ya wadoodo means loving one.
  • The last step is to repeat the first step. Read Durood Shareef about 11 times.

Powerful Dua To Get My EX Love Back

Some Precautions have to be taken at the tie of performing Dua. All the steps are to be followed, as mentioned. The sequence of the procedures should not be changed.

  • To get the desired result, you should perform the Dua To Get My Ex Love Back by following al the precautions properly
  • You should pray this dua only when you are detached from your lover and you want to get him/her back in your life.
  • You should clearly spell each and every of your recited Dua To Get My Ex Love Back.
  • You should definitely have blind faith in Almighty Allah.
  • One of the important precautions for females is that they are not allowed to perform this wazifa at the time of their menstruation.

if you perform the dua by all your heart following all the precautions properly, then definitely you will get back your Ex in your life for sure.

Dua to get your ex boyfriend back

love is the purest of all feelings in this world. When you love someone, you always want it back no matter what the situation is getting back to the loved ones makes you feel happy in your life. Nowadays, being in a relationship is on hype. Two people get attracted, start spending time with each other, and also support each other. But when the situation is not suitable, they fall apart from each other. When a man lost interest in you and committed to another woman, they start giving you lame excuses. Here are some dua which help you get your ex-boyfriend back.

The lost love of your boyfriend gets back by reciting the dua. Some steps followed are make the wuzu, then read the durood Shareef about 11 times. Recite the Dua.

LaallahaalllaaAntaa Subhan, EkalnniKuntu Mina Zalimni

Recite this prayer about 900 times. Perform these steps in the sequence. Continuously, these steps are followed for 11 days with the faith of Allah.

In Qur’an, solutions to all problems are written. one way suggested by Qur’an to get your boyfriend’s love back. Take two things, egg and photograph. Move an egg across the photo. Start fasting the Thursday nights for 3 days and recite the prayer, “Dam Dam Malik Baba with the boyfriend’s name lokar Do Diwana.

Dua To Get My EX Love Back

Dua in the Islamic religion is considered to be very effective in getting the lost love back. Many marriages, relationships are experiencing the loss of loved ones due to jealousy, envy eyes, or black Islamic help to get back the person in your life that makes your life peaceful and brighter.

Darood sharif is considered the most effective Islamic dua. Darood sharif is also called Darood-e-Pak. The importance of this dua is very effective because nabi-Kareem Sallallahu-Elahi-wasalam is the messenger of the world. This dua provides cheerfulness or appreciation to the messenger of the world.

For getting your lost love back, Recite this Kalma


This Kalma indicates very beautiful meaning that there is only one God, Allah, without Allah, no one is god who is used for worship as Mohammed is not god, he is the messenger of Allah. In Urdu, when you recite ALLAH-KE-RASOOL Mohammed hai, this dua is only recited to make people love you back and to get your lost love.

Ex love back Astrologer in Sydney

Ex love back Astrologer in Sydney Update 2023

In Sydney, a large number of people are having a love relationship related problems in their life. As you know, it is quite difficult for most of the couples to handle their relationship at the present time. You may have several types of situations when you are facing the problem in your relationship with your partner. These kinds of problems can be bigger with time if you do not find a good solution for it. If you do not want to lose your true love from your life, you should definitely try to find out a good solution to get rid of it.

Finding a good solution for love related problems is not easy for most of the people. First of all, it is very important that you can know about the cause of these problems when you face them. In most of the situations, you will find these problems due to mutual misunderstanding as well as your family problems. Extramarital affairs can be another big cause of these problems. It is quite normal to get attracted to someone else even when you are in a relationship with your partner.

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Get your lost love back:

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