Islamic Dua To Bring Husband And Wife Closer

Islamic Dua To Bring Husband And Wife Closer Update 2023

Islamic Dua To Bring Husband And Wife Closer or to increase love between husband and wife can use to get love from wife. We will provide you tasbeeh for love between husband and wife. We expect that a relationship between husband and wife must become strong from time to time. With each passing day, the affection and faith increase. This is the foundation of a happy relationship as well as family. The couples who have this fortunate are the most satisfied people in this world.

Islamic Dua To Bring Husband And Wife Closer

Regrettably, this is not always the case. Some couples – particularly husbands and wives – find themselves growing apart due to disaster or sheer poor luck. One of the most tragic things that may happen to a couple is this. Initiate the Islamic Dua to Bring Husband and Wife Closer from today. This will allow you to fulfill your desire. But please perform the Islamic Dua to Bring Husband and Wife Closer with attention. Follow all the rituals accordingly.

  • After the Maghrib Evening Prayer, perform this Dua.
  • Wudu, first and foremost, clean yourself. (Ablution)
  • After that, add a photo of your husband or wife. (This varies depending on who does the dua)
  • Recite Surah-Ar-Rahman now (1-13).
  • Finally, kiss the photograph and pray to Allah to keep Husband and Wife closer together.
  • Do this daily for five days. After five days, you will witness the results of your confidence in Allah Tala.
  • “AllahummaInniAs-AlukaHubbak. WaHubba Man Ahabbak. WaHubbaAmanlin Yu-QarribuniIlaHubbik.”

Utter these sacred wordings as much as possible. This allows increasing your power of prayer.

Dua To Increase Love Between Husband And Wife

Dua To Increase Love Between Husband And Wife, There is no doubt that the love between husband and wife is extraordinary than in other relationships. That is why we have to maintain this relationship with extra care. And we all expect that our love will increase day by day. Usually, this happens. But in some circumstances, we face the opposite situation. We have to take care and try to keep our relationship smooth as before. If you want to control your husband then use our Powerful Dua To Control Husband.

The power of the Almighty Allah is the only way to help us go through this challenging situation. For this reason, if we can perform the Dua to Increase Love between Husband and Wife will be the best thing. But we have to take the Dua seriously to Increase Love between Husband and Wife. The superpower will surely help you, but only when you are pure in your intention. So follow all the steps with a clear heart and soul. The rituals are-

  • After Fajr Morning Prayer on Jumma (Friday), recite this Dua.
  • Pour rose water into a glass.
  • Now recite the Ayat of Surah Al-Furqan (56).
  • Then, eight times over, read Durood-sharif.
  • Then inhale the rose water and say ten times,
  • “Bismillah, AllahummaJaanibna-sh-Shaitan.”

Perform this ritual with a pure heart for one week. Within a week, you will notice positive improvements in the relationship between husband and wife.
“Bismillah, AllahummaJaanibna-sh-shaitan, Wajaan-ibi-sh-shaittan ma Razaaqtana.”

As much as possible, repeat these precious words, which permit you to increase your praying strength.

Tasbeeh For Love Between Husband And Wife

Tasbeeh For Love Between Husband And Wife, We understand the relationship between a husband and wife is how much value for our life. This relation is the basis of a happy family and a happy life. If you have some problem in this relationship, you will be unable to concentrate on any other work, which will ruin all of your professional and personal areas. That is the reason why we need to keep our relationship healthy all the time. But after all of your reasonable efforts, when you find the failure to have the only way out.

You must seek the help of Allah Talah. The superpower love will lead you in the right marg. So start to practice the Tasbeeh for Love between Husband and Wife. This is indeed the most powerful way to solve all the problems of your married life. Lots of determination and pain, a good amount of concentration for this prayer is necessary to bring out the best outcome from it. That’s why we are suggesting following all the rituals accordingly, as said below. There is no doubt that the Tasbeeh for Love between Husband and Wife will help you to increase the love in your relationship.

  • First, ten times recite Surah Al-FatihaAyat (2).
  • Now take any of your husband’s or wife’s clothes. Recite Ayatul-kursi 5 times (depending on who is conducting the dua).
  • Finally, pray to Allah Tala to increase your affection for one another.
  • Finally, blow on that cloth and replace it in its proper location.
  • Repeat this process for a total of eight days. After eight days, you will see the magical benefits.
  • “BismillahiAlwasaoJallahJalaluhoo.”

Recite these words for 123 consistent times along with all the above rituals.

Dua To Get Love From Wife

Dua To Get Love From Wife, There is no doubt that in a married life your spouse is the most important person. Maybe you are loving and caring to your wife. In some cases, you cannot be able to understand your feelings. So you have to prove yourself and establish your love in front of her. We are pretty sure that you have already tried all the possible things to impress your wife when you have a strong feeling. But still, you fail to achieve the proper place in your wife’s heart. This is indeed a severe issue. You can perform the Dua to get love from your wife to get rid of these issues.

Performing the Dua to get love from their wife depends on some rituals. You need to attend all the practices accordingly to bring out the best results from the Dua. Of course, this will help you solve all your life problems as well, and it will surely give you a permanent solution. Follow the rituals.

  • First and foremost you have to take a fresh bath and wear some clean clothing.
  • After that seat on your prayer map and concentrate your mind on the Almighty Allah.
  • It is preferable to start this process after IshaNamaz.
  • Now recite the sacred Durood Sharif 11 consistent times.
  • Next, you have to recite the sacred Surah Hisarayat 47 for 101 consistent times.
  • “YaWaduduYaRaufaYaRaheemu.”

Utter these sacred words 777 times continuously.
Now again, recite the sacred walks from DuroodShareef 11 consistent Times.
The Almighty Allah is the father of all of us, and he demands nothing but immense dedication to him. So if you can give this to him, you will never fail again.

Which Wazifa Use To Control Husband

Which Wazifa Use To Control Husband Update 2023

Husbands can be very kind and caring towards their wives, but men have a natural tendency to stray. They are not less committed, but they assume women have to bear the major responsibilities of the household, and they can do as they please from time to time.

Wazifa To Control Husband

This also makes them easy prey for other opportunist women. However, by following wazifa to control husband, you can ensure that your husband remains focused on you and the family.

With this wazifa, you will be able to control your husband and keep him always loyal to you.

  • Firstly, make sure that you pray five times a day to Allah and offer supplications. Allah’s blessing is necessary if you want to keep your husband in check.
  • Then, right after reading the Namaz, make this Dua wholeheartedly:
  • “Rabbanaa Habb Lanaa Minn Azwajeenaa Waa Zurrayyaa Teenaa Qurrataa Agyuninn Wajj Alnaa Lilmmutta Qinaa imamann”
  • Then, seek assistance from Allah so that he helps you in keeping control over your husband.
  • Do this for fifteen days, and you will start noticing results.
  • There is another way in which you can ensure you have control over your husband.
  • Perform Wuzu and wear fresh clothes in the evening.
  • Recite the Durood- e- Ibrahim eleven times.
  • Next, recite the Dua “Yaa Waaliyo” for one thousand times
  • Do this every day for seven days, and you will notice your husband is listening to you.

Which Wazifa Use To Control Husband Mind?

Wazifa To Control Husband Mind, If you find your husband straying and becoming unmindful, then there are some wazifas which you can try.

  • First, perform ablution and wear clean clothes. Try to do this Dua early in the morning just after rising or before going to bed at night.
  • You should do this for 11 days without a break.
  • Then, sit in a quiet corner and recite this Dua:
  • “Innal Laha Yusmiu Manyashaoo.”

This means that Allah listens to those who pray to him with all their heart.

  • Recite this Dua as many times as possible, also throughout the day.
  • After each recitation, blow gently on your husband’s head.
  • After 11 days, you will be able to see changes in your husband’s behavior, and he will start listening to you.
  • There is another wazifa to control your husband’s mind.
  • First, perform Wuzu and wear clean garments.
  • Then, perform the Isha Namaz with complete devotion.
  • After that, read the Durood Shareef for eleven times without stopping.
  • Then read Ayat Number 39 of Chapter 16 from the Holy Quran. Read this part for 500 times.
  • The Dua is as follows:

Wa Alkaito Alaika Muhabbatan Minni vale tus naa alainee.

  • After that, take two almonds in your hands.
  • Next, read the Durood Shareef again for 11 times.
  • Blow on them after reading the Dua and the Durood Shareef.
  • Then, take a cold dish and mix the almonds with it properly.
  • Make sure your husband eats the dish completely with both the almonds
  • You have to do this for five days consecutively. After this, you will find your husband is always listening to you.

Which Wazifa Use To Keep Husband Under Control?

Wazifa To Keep Husband Under Control, There is nothing wrong with trying to keep one’s husband under control if the husband is not mindful of his familial duties.

If the man of the house strays and indulgences in sinful or unlawful activities, then the entire family has to suffer for it. That is why, at certain times, the wife has no option but to perform wazifa to keep her husband under control.

Here is a simple wazifa to keep your husband under control.

  • This wazifa should be done every night.
  • Wake up at midnight and perform Wuzu.
  • Then pray a Tahajjud prayer with complete faith in Allah
  • The Tahajjud prayer should be for two Raqat.
  • Next, recite the Durood- e- Ibrahim for 11 times
  • Then, recite “Ya Waliyoo” for a thousand times without stopping.
  • Take care to recite Ya Waliyoo
  • At the end, recite a powerful Dua as follows:
  • Auzubillahi- Minashaitanirrajeem- Bismillahirrahamaneerraheem

This last Dua should be recited exactly for 99 times.
There another wazifa you can try to bring your husband under control:

Perform proper ablution

  • Each Sunday, take some fragrant and fresh roses in both hands and hold it in front of you
  • The roses should be brought in the house between the hours of Namaz Magrib and Insha
  • Then read a powerful Dua for your husband for seven times.
  • Blow softly on the roses and spread under your husband’s pillow
  • Make sure that you perform this ritual for three nights consecutively, and you will soon see results.
  • Which Wazifa Use To Make Your Husband Obey You?
  • Wazifa To Make Your Husband Obey You, If you feel that your husband is shirking his responsibilities and not giving you the attention you deserve, then you can perform Wazifa to make him obey you.
  • First, perform ablution and make sure you are in the state of Wuzu.
  • Then read Ayat number 22 from Surah Fatir of the Holy Quran.
  • Read the odd number portions above the Ayat. The more you read, the better are the chances of the wazifa succeeding.
  • Then, blow on your husband. If you cannot do so close because you do not want to answer your husband’s questions about why you are blowing on his head, then you can blow at him from a distance. Make sure you think about your husband only at this time.
  • Keep on doing this, and you will surely see results. There is another simple wazifa to make your husband obey you.
  • Do you daily Namaz.
  • Then read this Dua after every salah:
  • La Qadd Jaa Aakum Rasoolumin Anfuseekum Azizun Alaihe Maa Anittum Hareesun Alaikum Bilmumenina Rau-ufurraheem“

Then, read the Surah Yaseen daily during this period in the morning and pray for your husband’s well being.
Finally, make a prayer to Allah to bring your husband back to you and listens to you.
With the wazifa to control husband, you will ensure that your husband always stays by your side, and both of you have a happy life together.

Free Surah To Make Your Husband Love You

Free Surah To Make Your Husband Love You Update 2023

Surah To Make Your Husband Love You or ikhlas to get husband love can be called kausar for husband and wife relationship. You can use our islamic surah to make husband love you only.

How Do You Make Your Husband Love You By Surah?

The sole purpose of a wife’s life is to obtain love from her husband. Islamic surah to enable husband love you from the Quran can assist you in doing so. All husbands are not responsible, however. If your husband doesn’t give you devotion, affection, and care, then you can recite surah for your husband’s love. The Wazifa will provide you with the privilege to love your husband.

Surah To Make Your Husband Love You

He’s going to love you, take care of you and understand you. Your husband will love you and be accountable to you under Nikah the surah Kausar for the husband-and-wife relationship. But if your husband doesn’t live up to Nikah’s law and wants to have an interest in another woman, then you can recite the mighty surah ikhlas to get husband love.

If you try to gain your husband’s love, but you fail every time, you should read the surah for husband love. Allah knows the best, and he understands the importance of a husband’s love for his wife. Thus, you have surah to make your husband love. Just recite the surah, and Insha Allah, your husband’s behavior will change in a few days.

  • Recite Ikhlas 786 times.
  • The prayer to Allah Talah to care for your husband, to love him, and to respect him as a true husband does.
  • Inshallah, your husband will improve in 21 days with the goodwill of Allaah Talah.

Islamic Surah To Make A Husband Love You Only

Islamic Surah To Make A Husband Love You Only, If you want to win the love of your husband, but you fight every time you attempt that, then Surah Wazifa can read that the love of the husband is the best thing for you. It will appeal and fall in love with your husband. He knows what is necessary for the husband’s love of his wife. To make your husband love you and change husband heart you can use Dua To Change Husband Heart.

So, you have strong surah wazifa to help for the wife-husband love of the Quran. Only let the Wazifa and Inshallah in a few days that your husband’s actions will change. You will soon win the affection of your husband and be glad in your married life. Have full faith in Allah, and what you are after will come to you. Below is the Islamic surah to make a husband love you only

  • After performing Isha’s Namaz, recite this wazifa in a lonely place.
  • Keep a belonging of your husband in front of you while praying.
  • Recite Surah Juma as much as possible, and blow him on it in the end.
  • Pray to Allah to change the mind and heart of your husband.
  • Insha Allah, you shall soon see a husband changed.

Surah Ikhlas To Get Husband Love

Surah Ikhlas To Get Husband Love, We’re here to help you live a peaceful and happy life with your husband with Surah Ikhlas for husband love. You will know here which surah is right for you to read for your husband’s love;

“Kul Huwal Laahu Ahad. Allah Hus Samad. Lam Ya Lid. William Yu, Lad. Walam Ya Kullahu Kufuwan Ahad”

The above surah allows you to gain your husband’s love, affection, loyalty, and confidence. A woman is permitted to do dua for the love of her husband. The method is purely juridical and halal. Each time a husband and wife look with Allah’s affection, please them and his blessings. Each couple desires each other’s support and love to regulate the conditions they face after marriage.

In this practice, what precautions can you take? Any factors have to be taken into consideration. You will feel more motivated to do the surah. The findings will be much earlier.

Take care of these things:

Make sure the practice is consistent.

And if you can afford that, do not miss a day.

Nothing condemned by Islam should be eaten.

Surah Kausar For Husband And Wife Relationship

Surah Kausar For Husband And Wife Relationship, Mistakes and challenges are a common occurrence in any relationship. However, it must be sorted by crook or hook. Problems are commonplace in any marital life. Marriage is a glorious invention of God that includes both husband and wife.

The husband and the wife must help to maintain a healthy, married life, whether physically or mentally. It is impossible to make your marriage useful without any understanding or agreement to do Surah Kausar for the husband and wife relationship. Still, often the husband’s affection decreases for his wife due to different factors. For the woman, this is very disheartening, but she must deal intelligently with it. In this way, Wazifa will assist you in making your husband love you.

In Islam, Allah is known as All-Powerful and has the power to do all things. So, if you face your marital difficulties and the husband stops loving you, then wazifa will work like magic in having your husband’s love. Before you begin every day to practice wazifa or dua, you should try to get the love of your husband by yourself. If the problems progressively rise, the husband-wife questions should be recited immediately. It does not work, then perform this surah Kausar. And If you want to attract your husband and increase husband wife relationship then use our Wazifa To Attract Husband.

  • Recite surah seven times and blow breath every time, independently on seven almonds, through your hands’ palms.
  • Expel all the challenges and build joint affection among your couple.
  • Every Friday, Surah-Al-Jumu snacks to arouse Allah’s strange power with the objective that it favors mend all your agonies.
  • Dua will support you in the husband-and-wife relationship.


Every fellow individual is responsible for taking care of each other’s problems and providing a happy life. If your husband does not care for you, recite Wazifa to grab his attention and make him love you. If you think you don’t get constructive results after all your efforts, including talking to your husband, you should surely opt for the surah shared above. It will help if you recite a Wazifa after marriage so that the husband takes care of you and love you forever. Just believe in Allah and recite the Islamic surah to make a husband love you only.