Dua To Make Husband Listen

Dua To Make Husband Listen Update 2023

Dua To Make Husband Listen or to make husband obey you can be use to make my husband talk to me. We will provide you dua to make husband responsible. The husband and wife’s relationship bond determines the overall well-being of a family. Since they are not only husband and wife, but they may also be parents. As a result, maintaining the concerned bond is critical.

However, many wives see their husbands steadily lose interest in them. It’s not always accurate that they’re doing it on purpose. There has to be some job pressure or some other explanation for this action. Whatever the case may be, you must get him to listen to you. So you can use the Dua to get your husband to listen to you.

Dua To Make Husband Listen

This prayer procedure will assist you in any way you need. But do it with a good mindset and keep Allah Talah in mind. And he is the only one who can save you in any situation. After going through the following points, perform the concerned Dua to make the husband listen:

  • To begin the amal, perform the Isha Salat.
  • As a prelude, recite the sacred words of Durood Salavat eleven times in a row.
  • Now, with great faith in Allah, recite the following Dua in your mind: Talah-
  • “Aniqzifeehi fit Taabooti faqzifeehi fil yammi fal yul qihil yammu bis saahili yaakhuzhu’ aduwwul lee wa’ aduwwul lah; wa alqaitu ‘alaika mahabatam minnee wa litusna’a’alaa’ainee”

After that, take two great almonds and repeat the sacred words of Durood Salavat eleven times in a row.
After that, pray to Allah for his Meher by blowing on the almonds.
Put those in your husband’s meal now.

Dua To Make Husband Obey You

Dua To Make Husband Obey You, After a certain period of marriage, couples’ love bonding and mutual respect deteriorate. However, it is not welcome in your life. There could be serious problems if your husband is not paying full attention to you. Maybe there’s some evil possession going on behind the scenes.

Apart from this, someone may be attempting to close the gap between you two. What does one do in such a situation? Your only savior in such a state of mind is Allah, the superpower. As a result, you must recite the Dua to make your husband obey you. Everyone is under the control of the leading woman of the family, the happiest family.

After having all his own decisions, the husband should obey the wife regarding the family matters. If it is not the situation, then there is a reason for little worry. This is the most important step in earning Almighty Allah’s Meher for such a state of mind. So begin praying with the Dua to make your husband obey you. If you can do it properly, you can undoubtedly win your husband’s attention.

“Allahummaa Salli Ala Muhammadiuan Ala Aalii Muhammadin Kama Sallaitaa Ala Ibrahima Wa Ala Alihi Ibrahimma Innaka Hamidum Majeed Allahummaa Barik Ala Muhammadiuan Ala Aalii Muhammadin Kama Barakta Ala Ibrahima Wa Ala Aali Ibrahim Innaka Hamidum Majeed”

Utter these sacred wordings as many occasions you can do. Insha Allah! Your husband will start to obey you shortly.

Dua To Make My Husband Talk To Me

Dua To Make My Husband Talk To Me, Love is the most basic need in married life. With a caring spouse, life is perfect. However, we sometimes refuse to bear the love for a long period. Love begins to disappear after a few years of marriage. In this state of mind, the possibility of ending the relationship arises. Husbands are usually committed to their careers. However, the wife’s husband’s affection and devotion are unparalleled on the planet.

As a result, you’ll need to learn how to use tact to get your husband closer to you. If you are waiting eagerly to talk to your husband like before, he is ignoring then initiating a Dua. The Dua to make my husband talk to me is the only way right now. In the name of Allah! Marriage is a relationship that defies categorization. It is also a family’s most important pillar. If your husband has bad habits then use our Wazifa For Husband Stop Bad Habits.

It is everyone’s responsibility to keep this relationship beautiful and secure. Consequently, this article will provide you with a wealth of information in the form of a few helpful hints. Dua to make my husband talk to me can be a powerful tool for rekindling love in your marriage. Because talking face to face can handle any issue. So follow few extremities-

To initiate this, Dua wakes up in the early morning and finish your Fajar Namaaz.
“Waminn Ayaatihiii Ann Khalaqaa Lakuminn Anfusiikumm Azwajalliii Taskunuu ilaihaa Waja Aalaa Bainakumma Wadda Tauwaa Rahman. Innaa Fee Zaalikaa La ayatilliii Qaumiyyaa Tafakkaroon.”

Now utter these sacred wordings from the holy book Quran.
Think about your partner while performing the Dua.
Recite the Dua every day for the major consequences.

Dua To Make Husband Responsible

Dua To Make Husband Responsible, You will not be able to find a woman in this world who does not love her man. The superpower Allah created the lovely and elegant relationship between husband and wife. However, this lovely relationship is occasionally tarnished. Then there are quarrels in this pure bond. Many marriages come to an end as a result of this.

We must put an end to this unfortunate situation. As a result, the wife must try to her man to make responsible towards her and her family. And it’s the only way to get your husband to return your affection. As a result, you must recite the Dua to make your husband responsible.

Allah Almighty established the sacred relationship between husband and wife. As a result, he has complete control over the situation. As a result, your decision is right. Use the Dua to make the husband responsible. Here are some tips on how to properly execute the Dua. The following are some examples:

Think about your husband while practicing the Dua.

  • Sit at a peaceful place to initiate the prayer process.
  • Now utter the sacred wordings from the Durood e Shareef for eleven consistent occasions.
  • After that, recite the sacred Surah Ikhlas for three hundred and thirty consistent occasions accordingly.
  • Next, utter the ‘Ya Wadoodu’ with Almighty Allah’s name for three hundred and thirty times accordingly.
  • Perform the entire procedure for the upcoming forty-one days accordingly.
  • Insha Allah! By Allah’s grace, everything in your life will run great after that.
Which Wazifa Use To Control Husband

Which Wazifa Use To Control Husband Update 2023

Husbands can be very kind and caring towards their wives, but men have a natural tendency to stray. They are not less committed, but they assume women have to bear the major responsibilities of the household, and they can do as they please from time to time.

Wazifa To Control Husband

This also makes them easy prey for other opportunist women. However, by following wazifa to control husband, you can ensure that your husband remains focused on you and the family.

With this wazifa, you will be able to control your husband and keep him always loyal to you.

  • Firstly, make sure that you pray five times a day to Allah and offer supplications. Allah’s blessing is necessary if you want to keep your husband in check.
  • Then, right after reading the Namaz, make this Dua wholeheartedly:
  • “Rabbanaa Habb Lanaa Minn Azwajeenaa Waa Zurrayyaa Teenaa Qurrataa Agyuninn Wajj Alnaa Lilmmutta Qinaa imamann”
  • Then, seek assistance from Allah so that he helps you in keeping control over your husband.
  • Do this for fifteen days, and you will start noticing results.
  • There is another way in which you can ensure you have control over your husband.
  • Perform Wuzu and wear fresh clothes in the evening.
  • Recite the Durood- e- Ibrahim eleven times.
  • Next, recite the Dua “Yaa Waaliyo” for one thousand times
  • Do this every day for seven days, and you will notice your husband is listening to you.

Which Wazifa Use To Control Husband Mind?

Wazifa To Control Husband Mind, If you find your husband straying and becoming unmindful, then there are some wazifas which you can try.

  • First, perform ablution and wear clean clothes. Try to do this Dua early in the morning just after rising or before going to bed at night.
  • You should do this for 11 days without a break.
  • Then, sit in a quiet corner and recite this Dua:
  • “Innal Laha Yusmiu Manyashaoo.”

This means that Allah listens to those who pray to him with all their heart.

  • Recite this Dua as many times as possible, also throughout the day.
  • After each recitation, blow gently on your husband’s head.
  • After 11 days, you will be able to see changes in your husband’s behavior, and he will start listening to you.
  • There is another wazifa to control your husband’s mind.
  • First, perform Wuzu and wear clean garments.
  • Then, perform the Isha Namaz with complete devotion.
  • After that, read the Durood Shareef for eleven times without stopping.
  • Then read Ayat Number 39 of Chapter 16 from the Holy Quran. Read this part for 500 times.
  • The Dua is as follows:

Wa Alkaito Alaika Muhabbatan Minni vale tus naa alainee.

  • After that, take two almonds in your hands.
  • Next, read the Durood Shareef again for 11 times.
  • Blow on them after reading the Dua and the Durood Shareef.
  • Then, take a cold dish and mix the almonds with it properly.
  • Make sure your husband eats the dish completely with both the almonds
  • You have to do this for five days consecutively. After this, you will find your husband is always listening to you.

Which Wazifa Use To Keep Husband Under Control?

Wazifa To Keep Husband Under Control, There is nothing wrong with trying to keep one’s husband under control if the husband is not mindful of his familial duties.

If the man of the house strays and indulgences in sinful or unlawful activities, then the entire family has to suffer for it. That is why, at certain times, the wife has no option but to perform wazifa to keep her husband under control.

Here is a simple wazifa to keep your husband under control.

  • This wazifa should be done every night.
  • Wake up at midnight and perform Wuzu.
  • Then pray a Tahajjud prayer with complete faith in Allah
  • The Tahajjud prayer should be for two Raqat.
  • Next, recite the Durood- e- Ibrahim for 11 times
  • Then, recite “Ya Waliyoo” for a thousand times without stopping.
  • Take care to recite Ya Waliyoo
  • At the end, recite a powerful Dua as follows:
  • Auzubillahi- Minashaitanirrajeem- Bismillahirrahamaneerraheem

This last Dua should be recited exactly for 99 times.
There another wazifa you can try to bring your husband under control:

Perform proper ablution

  • Each Sunday, take some fragrant and fresh roses in both hands and hold it in front of you
  • The roses should be brought in the house between the hours of Namaz Magrib and Insha
  • Then read a powerful Dua for your husband for seven times.
  • Blow softly on the roses and spread under your husband’s pillow
  • Make sure that you perform this ritual for three nights consecutively, and you will soon see results.
  • Which Wazifa Use To Make Your Husband Obey You?
  • Wazifa To Make Your Husband Obey You, If you feel that your husband is shirking his responsibilities and not giving you the attention you deserve, then you can perform Wazifa to make him obey you.
  • First, perform ablution and make sure you are in the state of Wuzu.
  • Then read Ayat number 22 from Surah Fatir of the Holy Quran.
  • Read the odd number portions above the Ayat. The more you read, the better are the chances of the wazifa succeeding.
  • Then, blow on your husband. If you cannot do so close because you do not want to answer your husband’s questions about why you are blowing on his head, then you can blow at him from a distance. Make sure you think about your husband only at this time.
  • Keep on doing this, and you will surely see results. There is another simple wazifa to make your husband obey you.
  • Do you daily Namaz.
  • Then read this Dua after every salah:
  • La Qadd Jaa Aakum Rasoolumin Anfuseekum Azizun Alaihe Maa Anittum Hareesun Alaikum Bilmumenina Rau-ufurraheem“

Then, read the Surah Yaseen daily during this period in the morning and pray for your husband’s well being.
Finally, make a prayer to Allah to bring your husband back to you and listens to you.
With the wazifa to control husband, you will ensure that your husband always stays by your side, and both of you have a happy life together.