Ruhani Ilm Kya Hai

Ruhani Ilm Kya Hai 2023

Ruhani ilm is a spiritual activity, This is not in physical form so you cannot touch or see this activity, this activity solves your problem with the help of spirit or soul. You can solve many problems with the help of ruhani ilm, this ilm also solves the problem which is related to magic or black magic. Ruhani ilm has so much in terms for solving the various problems. Ruhani is an Urdu word so Islam has so much of solutions about this ilm and great solutions about your problems.

Ruhani Ilm Kya Hai

Ruhani ilm is a psychic activity which solves someone’s problem with the help of God, soul, it’s an easy and quick service to solve problems which are related with someone’s life like all love problems, relations problems, financial problems, Black magic solutions and many more solutions are available with the help of Ruhani ilm. This activity is a pure activity, this ilm is not useful for those who want to fulfill their desire just because of fulfill their greedy wishes and this wish is the reason of someone’s problem, this ilm is only works for true and legal problems which is not harmful for any humankind. Without ruh we cannot alive, actually we are living in this world just because of ruh, without ruh body cannot move or not able to do anything, God provides ruh everyone, ruh is always pure, the people may bad because the ruh is the place where God lives in every human beings.

Ruhani And Sifli Ilm

Ruhani ilm is a soul activity, which have first priority to solve humankind’s problem and want to make their life easy and happy, so ruhani ilm does work for humankind. And Sifli ilm is an ilm which is used for solving the problem which is related to kala ilm or kala jadu, it solves all types of problems related to magic. Sifli ilm also have so many properties this ilm can also solve the many types of problems, it’s had great solutions about all problems, it can solve black magic’s bad effects very well and easily and fast.

Ruhani Ilm In Urdu

Ruhani word is an Urdu language’s word so this ilm is mostly solved by an Islamic person well than others, they have great knowledge about ilms, but everyone is not able to understand Urdu language so this ilm is also available in various languages, The main motive of this ilm is solve others problems who are suffering with the any kind of problems, ruhaniyat is a pure soul, soul have two types soul may be bad or Good, bad soul harms someone and good soul always want to help other ones.