Dua to broke up with anyone

Dua to broke up with anyone Update 2023

Today everyone wants bf or gf in their life. This kind of relationship is not good for our society as well as parent nature. If your family is not happy with your relationship. Even your parents don’t like to talk to you because you have a boyfriend or girlfriend in your life, you feel so lonely. Many times you try to explain your love in front of them but they don’t want to listen and they don’t entertain your false decision. In this situation when you tell your bf or gf that our parents are not happy with our relationship. Or your bf or gf doesn’t want to leave you, or you don’t want to continue again. If you are facing problems in your life then narrate this dua to break relationship given below. If you want to change your bf or gf mind or end his or her relationship with you or anyone and another person.

Dua to break a relationship is a past, powerful Islamic process to break a relationship. After using this magical process your partner will leave you or you will get the courage to break the relationship. So you must attempt dua to break relationship if you wish to end a forced relationship.

Dua to broke Up with anyone

Are you thinking of how to separate two persons by using the dua so that you can keep your partner away from someone else? Then you must have to follow some necessary steps to make your dua a successful one by following all the procedures that are stated below-

  • First of all, you should make an ablution.
  • Now Read Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Then recite “Bismillah hir Rahman nirRaheern” Ten times.
  • After That, Recite Durood Shareef again by 11 times.
  • Finally, Recite Surah-al-Mulk Verse No.15 Eleven Times.
  • After that, you should think with a noble heart about the person you want to be detached from or make your partner detached from. If you follow all the steps with a holy heart having a noble intention inside it, you will receive a positive result, and the person you want to separate will sure follow the words.

Dua to broke Up with husband

It is so difficult to find a loyal and good person in our life. Your husband may not be loyal to you and can have an extramarital relationship with another woman. For a wife, the husband is a friend and world for her if he is doing and hiding something from you that is not good. It is years old and taken from our holy book the Quran. Allah wrote it to help his followers. It’s the blessings. If you want to break your husband’s unlawful relationship with that woman you should narrate this dua to break husband unlawful relationship will help you to get your husband’s love back in your life again.

Guidance to read dua to break unlawful relationship are as follows: –

  • First do a proper wudu and with full attention and recite this dua.
  • The place should be neat and clean where you are performing this dua.
  • Narrate each and every word clearly.
  • Narrate this dua every time after you perform namaz.

Here is dua to broke Up unlawful relationship: –

khull hoon wallah ho ahaad Allah husamadd lamha yah lidd waa lamyuu ladd wah lamyaa kull lahu ko fu wahn ahadd

Inshaa Allah, you will soon see the difference in your husband and he will start loving you a lot and Insha Allah this dua will increase a lot of love in your husband’s heart.

Dua To broke UP a Couple

You have to take help from this break up dua to separate a couple. In your life which will definitely help you. After reciting this dua, your lover will leave you and go away from your life. Your lover starts hating you. Take the help from dua or Wazifa, which will help you in breakup.

  • Take single feather of any bird, wooden ash and any of the belonging of the person whom you want break up his/her relationship.
  • Bundle these things in green colored cloth and hold in your right hand.
  • Now recite ilm –e dua 43 times as “Ushoor Ulham Iltam Idersatan Suderhalam Ulham Surha Durrom Ikthekkar Fidram Urood Arham”.
  • Now flow this bundle in running water, so that no one should get this in his/her hand.
  • This offering is single day process, post that you can get the expected outcome if there is no mistake committed in this holy offering.

Dua To Separate Two Person

They want to break their own marriage with their husbands. For this they can take the help of dua to break someone’s marriage. Similarly there are so many people who fall love with a married person. Love does not have any boundaries it can happen with anyone. Love does not see that whether the person is married or not.

It becomes really difficult when a person falls in love with a person who is married. How we will make a married person love us. For this we first try to break the marriage of that person because we know if we can break the marriage then that person will become lonely and there is a chance that we might make that person fall in love with us. But a breaking a married person marriage is a very difficult task to accomplish. Dua to break someone’s marriage will help us in accomplishing this difficult task. This is a very fast and unique dua. The person who is performing the dua to break someone’s marriage should be performed under the guidance of Islamic personals.

Dua To broke a Relationship

  • Firstly read Dua after Namaz for 30 times.
  • After that read this Dua to break a relationship- “ Allahumma Rabbanaass Ishhfil Antaa Aashafii wa”.
  • Read this dua for 56 times.
  • Then take a paper and write the name of both the person whose relationship you want to break.
  • After that read Iqamat for 25 times.
  • Then blow your breath on your hands.
  • After that keep your hand on that piece of paper and say the name of Allah SWT for 100 times.
  • After that tear that paper and throw it away.
  • Perform the dua to break a relationship for 3 days.

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