Wazifa To Break Haram Relationship

Wazifa To Break Haram Relationship Update 2023

The world is full of negative ideas. And human beings have a nature to get attracted to negative things more quickly. People get more interest in things which is prohibited to them.

Haram in Islam means which is harmful not only for others but for ourselves too. And going into a haram relationship despite having a wife back is like breaking the loyalty to her. Therefore is a crime in god’s eye.

People usually get into an illegal relationship for two reasons. If their moral character is not high, otherwise due to dissatisfaction in the existing relationship. Sometimes if your spouse is not paying attention to you or ignoring you, that can create frustration in your mind.

Wazifa To Break Haram Relationship

However, there is always a way-out open to move away from these relationships and that is divorce. But, despite choosing that if you involve in an affair that is not acceptable.

Some people have their morality a bit down. And it is tough to live with them. It hurts when you see that despite giving your all, your partner is cheating on you. This feeling is enough to break a person mentally.

Well, there is always a way in Islam for every problem. To break the haram relationship of your spouse, perform the following wazifa.

Recite Durood Shareef 11 times and then recite Sura Lahab 19 times. After that, recite Durood Shareef 11 times again. If you have the picture of that person, then make a dua and blow it on the picture. If you don’t have, then imagine the persons face and blow it. Could you do it for 21 days to get your result?

How To Use Wazifa For Break Illegal Relation?

Wazifa For Break Illegal Relation, Involving in an affair with a person while having a legal wife is considered illegal in views of Islam and humankind. However, it is a sin. Hence it should be stopped. An illegal relationship can never give you the happiness and pleasure that you demand.

However, it would help if you understood that it is something which you can’t tell the world about. It can’t get you the peace and prosperity you deserve. It can only bring toxicity and negativity to your life.

When a person involves in an illicit relationship, the whole family suffers. Children of the family are the ones who get most severely affected. It creates the deepest impact on their career and future.

It brings mental instability and hence demolishes the conscience in them. Breaks the ability to judge what is good and what is bad in them. And it eventually fills their minds with poison.

An illegal relationship is more than enough to kill the peace, which binds a family and destroy a happy and prosperous family. To break these kinds of affairs, an Islamic wazifa can help a lot.


After your Fajar namaz, do this dua for 485 times. Do it between 4 am to 10 am. Within two days, you will get the best result.

Which Dua Use To Break Unlawful Relationship of Husband?

Dua To Break Unlawful Relationship of Husband, The husband and wife share hand in hand to make a family. Usually, it is the wife who transforms a house into a home. Coming from a different house, a different place and a different family, she has to take all responsibilities of a house onto her shoulder and has to carry this thankless job for years.

All she craves for a little love and affection from her husband. All she wants is to get all his husbands love. No woman wants to share her husband with anyone. Because it is the most prized possession which she has, her life rotates, taking him as the centre.

When she knows that her husband is not here anymore, his love is distributed somewhere else, naturally she breaks down. However, it has a severe impact on her. And it destroys her emotional stability. This destruction can lead to physical illness too.

If you are suffering from this, then it is better to take refuge to Allah. The following dua can help you to get over things and get your husband back to you.


Recite the dua mentioned above for 11 times. Then blow it to your husband. If he’s not around, then imagine his face and blow it. Soon you’ll get your desired result.

Which Quranic Dua Use To Stop Illegal Relationship?

Quranic Dua To Stop Illegal Relationship, From ancient ages, Satan is trying to distract us from the way of god. He controls our minds by exploring our dark sides of us. He attracts us to the prohibited things.

We fall in his trap and do nasty deeds like Breaking the trust& being rude to our loved ones. These things kill our morality and conscience. Thus, these things make us sinner in front of Allah.

An illegal relationship is sin. It breaks the trust of someone who loves you truly. In the Quran, it’s referred to as the doorway to hell. It brings tremendous pain to a person when you break his/ her trust.

An illegal relationship can destroy your peace of mind. And it never brings good results. An illegal relationship which only consists of lust and other prohibited things can lead you towards destruction. Quran advises us to stay away from this kind of relationship. It also says to stay away from the person who is in such a relationship too.

There is many solution in the Quran to stop an illegal relationship. The following simple dua not only breaks the relationship. But it also brings the person in the right path.


After every namaz read this dua, after that blow it to the person, soon you’ll see the result.

Quranic Surah For Husband Wife Good Relationship

Quranic Surah For Husband Wife Good Relationship Update 2023

Quranic Surah For Husband Wife Good Relationship or for love between husband and wife can be use to make husband love his wife. We will provide you surah to control husband. It is essential to have a strong bond between husband and wife as they are the pillars of life. If there is no love between two partners, they have to face many downsides in their marriage.

Quranic Surah For Husband Wife Good Relationship

The beautiful marriage bond stays gorgeous only when the husband and wife share a beautiful love bond. There are several reasons why the husband and wife are unhappy, and they have regular conflicts that disturb their smooth life. Quranic surah for husband wife good relationship is the only way to establish a strong bond between couples and help them lead a peaceful life.

This quranic surah for husband wife good relationship is specially crafted for couples who do not relate to each other. This intense prayer is so unique that it is changing lives and turning the impossible into possible. The way to follow this magical surah is beneficial yet straightforward, and every couple must follow it with full zeal. If you wish to have a bond of trust and love, then follow this quranic surah for husband wife good relationship.

Follow the steps below-

  • Clean yourself and take a fresh shower.
  • Wear red clothes and get ready for the prayer.
  • Choose a calm place and get set for the surah.
  • Read durood-e-Ibrahim 15 times a day.
  • Read Surah 16 for five times a day.
  • Follow this surah consistently for about eight weeks.
  • Recite the magical prayer after sunset.

Surah For Love Between Husband And Wife

Surah For Love Between Husband And Wife, Love is the foundation of every relationship, and it forms a base for marriage. People who are in deep love wish to marry soon and have a beautiful life full of love. It is effortless to weave the dreams and conceal shortcomings, but it isn’t easy to find a way. There are numerous problems on your way to a happy life, but the solution is only one. Everything in this world connects to Allah, and he has all the powers. Surah for love between husband and wife is the only way to find peaceful love. If you want make more love between husband and wife then use our Wazifa To Increase Love Between Husband And Wife.

This surah for love between husband and wife is doing wonders and changing lives. This magical dua is followed by numerous couples all across the globe. The magical surah brings smiles and happiness into your love life. Love is always incomplete without Allah’s grace, and only Allah can fill your life with immense love. Couples who do not share love between them are often depressed and end up breaking their relationship for no reason. If you are facing any such issue, then this surah is only for you.

Follow the steps below-

  • Perform Ablution and wear light clothes.
  • Select a quiet place to follow this surah.
  • Read durood-e-Ibraheem about 51 times a day.
  • Recite the surah after namaaz and take Allah’s name.
  • Perform this surah consistently for about 90 days.
  • See the magic and thank Allah.

Surah To Make Husband Love His Wife

Surah To Make Husband Love His Wife, A woman has to go through a lot in her relationship and marriage. The woman is held responsible for building up the foundation for her marriage and sees to the family. It is very depressing to see a woman fighting alone for everything without her husband’s support and love.

In a marriage, it is essential to have equal participation by both the partners, but sometimes the only woman has to face a lot. It is a husband’s responsibility to take care of her wife and love her with zeal. We see many cases where husbands do not respect or value their wives, and they stay alone. This lonely life of a wife is a sign of a ruined marriage, and the woman needs Allah’s help.

Surah to make husband love his wife is the solution to all your problems, and it is god’s way to bless you with a happy life. If you follow this beautiful surah, then it can do wonders for you and change your life at a glance. A woman who follows this magical surah receives a lot of love from her husband and never cries.

Follow the steps below-

  • Have a bath and wear neat clothes.
  • Try to wear yellow attire for the surah.
  • Follow the prayer early in the morning.
  • Recite the surah at a calm and soothing place.
  • Recite durood-e-Shareef about 15 times a day.
  • Follow this surah for about 12 weeks consistently.

Surah To Control Husband

Surah To Control Husband, The marriage circle is enormous, and it is not so easy to say qubool hai. Qubool hai is not just a saying, but it has a deep, pure, and sacred meaning. Couples marry and agree to each other in every way, and qubool hai are the holy words of this agreement. Marriage is a lifetime agreement, and we must respect that. People come together and take vows to stand for each other, but sometimes things are not so well off.

We often see that husbands do not stand on their vows and are distracted in their marriage. The distraction is so strong that it may lead to negative consequences; hence it is vital to hold it. If you wish to control your husband and save your marriage, this surah to control your husband is only for you, and you must follow this prayer every day.

It is essential to control your husband to avoid taking the wrong path and making your life a living hell. The only way that can save your marriage is for this solid surah to control your husband. This prayer has helped a lot of women worldwide.

Follow the steps below-

  • Perform Ablution and wear dark clothes
  • Read durood-e-Ibraheem 11 times a day.
  • Read durood-e-Shareef about six times a day.
  • Choose a relaxing place and perform the surah.
  • Follow the magical surah for 100 days without a break.