How To Break Sihr of Separation 2023

How To Break Sihr of Separation or how to find out who did sihr on you is a type of question in your mind and we will provide you answer like how do you know if you are afflicted by sihr. We also provide you guidance about symptoms of sihr of love.

How To Break Sihr of Separation?

If you see a sudden change in the behavior of your loved ones from love to hate, then chances are there that he or she is under the sihr or magic of separation. Before you know how to break the sihr of separation, it is crucial to understand how the phenomenon takes place.

When a person goes to the sorcerer and requests them to cast a spell so that the concerned person gets separated from his husband/wife, then this phenomenon is known as the sihr of separation.

How To Break Sihr of Separation

Sihr is very useful and strong. It will not only put an end to the relationship but would also stir up hatred between the two people. If you want to know how to break sihr of separation, you would need to follow certain Islamic rituals.

Doing so will surely help you to get back your loved ones. It will also help in reducing the hatred that might have occurred between you two due to the sihr. The rituals would include:

Giving charity to the poor and taking their blessings
You have to recite the following dua 11 times: “sal Allah hu aalai li wasaalam.”
The dua would help you to seek refuge to Allah from the accursed Shaitan.

You will also have to repeat the following Surah 101 times: al-falaq, a-naas
Recite the verse 51, 52 from al-Qalam and also recite Ayatul-Korsi
It would be best if you also recited the following dua once:
“Aoodu Bizzatillahi wa azmattillahi

Wa sultanillahi wa amanillahi

Kamlillahi la illahi illahu

Muhammadun rasolullahi ma ajdu”

How To Find Out Who Did Sihr On You?

How To Find Out Who Did Sihr On You?, The Prophet was himself affected by sihr, so he found out who perpetrated it, the completion of the entire sihr ritual, and placement of the magic.

He has even kept the information on how to find out who did sihr on you public so that it can help the people in need. If you want to know how to find out who did sihr on you, then keep on reading this article.

You should perform the following rituals as was done by the Prophet, to find out the person who did sihr on you:

Wake up at Tahajjud and seek mercy from Allah. Repent on all the sins that you have done, ask for his blessing and his help to show you the person who has perpetrated the sihr. Also, pray to him to show where you can find the magic.
You will have to keep your patience and keep on praying and begging. Allah will show you the perpetrator in your dreams. To make sure, keep on praying until you see the same person many times in your dream.
You might be able to see the details in your dream. Pray to Allah and make a dua to him so that he can grant you the ability to destroy the sihr in your dreams. You will have to recite verses like Ayatul-Kursi in your dreams for this to happen.
If you know, the place goes there and then destroy the sihr by burning it and reciting “Bismillah wa Allahu Akbar.”

How Do You Know If You Are Afflicted By Sihr?

How Do You Know If You Are Afflicted By Sihr? Sihr for separation is a very common black magic performed to separate two people and develop hatred between them. The following are the symptoms of the sihr. If you have a doubt and want to understand how do you know if you are afflicted by sihr, then keep on reading this article. The symptoms of the person affected by sihr will include:

  • A sudden change in the attitude of your loved ones from love to hate
  • I am increasing disputes and misunderstandings—regular flights on small issues.
  • Change in the mental image of the person. The person on whom the magic is applied, he would imagine the other person to be ugly. But this is their imagination, which is caused by the demon of the black magic.
  • He/she will hate everything that the other person does
  • He/she will also start hating going to the place where the other person stays. For example, the husband affected with sihr will be in a good mood when he is at the office, outside, or at his friend’s house. But he will feel sudden anger or irritation whenever he comes back home where his wife stays.
  • If you notice any of the above symptoms, then you might have got afflicted by sihr. But these symptoms do not guarantee that the black magic spells. Before you start self suspecting, be sure to seek Ruqyah from a trusted shar’ ee aamil / raaqi. He would be able to confirm if there is a Jinn present or not.

What is Symptoms of Sihr of Love?

Symptoms of Sihr of Love, Marital problems are quite common. Spouses can quarrel, argue, but within a few days, things get back to normal. But often it has been noticed that people become impatient. They are unable to wait until the end of the problem.

Hence they decide to perform sihr so that his/her partner falls madly in love with him/her. Sihr can occur due to a lack of faith between partners. After the sihr rituals’ performance, the victim would fall madly in love with the other person.

Sihr is a type of black magic and hence has its share of ill effects. If you want to know the symptoms of sihr of love, then here is a list:

  • Felling of excessive love and passion for the other person
  • Extreme desires to get physical with the other person or have sexual intercourse
  • Feeling of impatience when the other person is not around
  • Blind obedience
  • These are some of the most common symptoms of sihr of love. But as mentioned earlier, doing this has some adverse effects too, like:

It can make the victim extremely ill. The black magic might cause him or her some severe illness that can even last for years.
The sihr can backfire too. So instead of feeling extreme love, the partner might start hating his/her spouse.
Sometimes sihr is prepared in such a way that the victim starts loving only the perpetrator but ends up hating everyone else in the family, including his/her mother, brother, sister, etc.