Successful Pregnancy Dua

Successful Pregnancy Dua Update 2023

After marriage, one wants to start a family as soon as he or she can. When a couple of plans for a child, they want their child to be healthy, happy, and in good shape as soon as it is born. A successful pregnancy means the baby being on time, with minimal pain to the mother, and the baby’s the appropriate weight. For this, the couple takes a lot of actions and precautions. But being prepared before and during pregnancy is only one part of it. A couple must also turn to Allah for help and make dua for successful pregnancy.

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Some Important Tips For Successful Pregnancy

Before even getting pregnant, a couple must know a few things. Things like proper pre-conception care are very important for the eventual health of the baby. Once the couple has decided that they want to start a family and have a baby, they can take these steps for preparing for the pregnancy:

  • Know your family’s health history
  • Know the risks that might come with a pregnancy
  • Stop drinking alcohol and caffeine, along with drugs.
  • Avoid environmental toxins
  • Reach and maintain a healthy weight

Consult your doctor

Once these steps are taken care of, you are ready to conceive your child. You must then make a dua for successful pregnancy. But, getting pregnant is not so easy. You can try and try and still fail to get pregnant. There are many solutions to this problem, like recording the woman’s menstrual cycle and knowing when the fertile window is.

Also, the couple must make sure to cut back on strenuous and heavy workouts. But one of the simplest steps you can take is to make dua for getting pregnant. While making this dua, one must be confident and embrace submission to Allah the Almighty. Once the woman is pregnant, the couple must not forget to thank Him for His help.

Powerful Dua for Successful Pregnancy

Now the couple must take proper care while pregnant for a healthy and beautiful baby. It is not easy to take care of a pregnant woman and the unborn child within her. It becomes even more difficult when certain hurdles show themselves during pregnancy. These problems can be cramps, urinary tract infections, infrequent passing of urine, and even heartburn and indigestion.

Mental problems like depression and anxiety may also occur. A dua for successful pregnancy helps, but it is not enough. The woman must take proper care of herself, and the husband should always be there to help her, as is his responsibility. A dua for successful pregnancy is a necessary step and cannot be skipped. Here are some more steps that should not be skipped at any cost:

  • Take prenatal vitamins
  • Exercise regularly but not heavily
  • Exercise your (the woman’s) pelvic floor by doing Kegel exercises
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Eat a little more than usual. About 300 calories than normal should do
  • Consult your doctor before taking any kind of medicine

Powerful Dua for A Successful Pregnancy

Now, while making dua for successful pregnancy, one must be careful to be honest with Allah about his or her intentions. The intentions of a parent are almost never bad; however, one still must know what his or her reasons are for bringing another soul into this world. A dua for successful pregnancy is a very solemn, ritualistic, and powerful dua. It is given below:

  • Rabbi Inni Nazratau Laka Mafi Batni Muharranan, fata khabal Miniya, innaka anta samikhoul halimoul
  • Recite Bismillah sharif
  • During childbirth, the pain suffered by the woman is sometimes unbearable. Knowing this, one must also make dua for normal delivery. A normal delivery means minimal pain for the soon-to-be mother, less stress on the baby, and quick labor. An exercise like “Pelvic rocking” can help normal delivery, and Allah will always help bring another precious soul into this world. The ritual can be found below:
  • Recite Bismillah Sharif
  • Keep reciting “Ya Lateef” while in labor.
  • Take Allah’s name before making dua for successful pregnancy.
  • A small life is a very precious and delicate thing, and its well being is in your hands. It sometimes may be difficult to comprehend that you and your partner have made this. But it is your God-given right and responsibility to take care of your child.

Perform This Wazifa for A Successful Pregnancy

  • If you perform this wazifa, It’s the conversation between you and Allah and tell him your honest intentions. During perform this wazifa for a successful pregnancy, Your heart should be pure. He, being benevolent, will always help you.
  • “Ya Muta Kabbiro Ya Wahid”
  • It’s the best wazifa for a successful pregnancy. Wazifa and duas work slowly. If you want an immediate result then contact Molana Ji. Molana Ji has solved 50000+ cases.

Some Important Tips During Pregnancy

There are some things you shouldn’t do while pregnant. Not drinking alcohol is an obvious thing, but one must also give up smoking. Eating a particular set of foods is also not advised. Things like raw or smoked seafood, foods having high levels of mercury (like certain fish), and caffeine are not to be ingested at any cost.

  • Unpasteurized milk and other dairy products should also be avoided. Doing heavy exercise is also not advised. Getting pregnant after the age of 35 increases the risk of not having a healthy baby.
  • Making dua for a beautiful baby while pregnant is also advised. Although it is included in the dua for successful pregnancy, it is still worth it to make the other dua separately.
  • While making dua, one’s mind should be clear and free of any bad thoughts and emotions. One must embrace the certainty that Allah will help them. Sitting with your eyes closed, face the direction of Mecca, the holy land. Know the fact that Allah helps all of His followers and that He does not discriminate. Repent your sins and keep your mistakes at the feet of the Almighty. Doing this will help you calm your mind while making dua for successful pregnancy.
  • During the second and third trimesters, it becomes critical to take care of yourself. A heavy belly will lead to back problems and tiresome pains in your legs and feet. Your feet may also swell up and make it difficult to walk. You can hire professional help to take care of you if you live alone. But it is advisable to be with people who love and care about you like your or your spouse’s parents.
  • When you raise a child in the correct way, he or she will become a loyal, productive member of this society. He or she will make great changes in your life and the lives of thousands of others. A baby is difficult to take care of. It needs constant attention and a heavy dose of love. But luckily, there is no shortage of Love within our hearts
Wazifa For Husband Long Life

Wazifa For Husband Long Life Update 2023

Wazifa For Husband Long Life or for good health and long life for husband can be use for husband’s safety. We will provide you dua for husband health and success. The health of your husband is the prerequisite for a happy family. And you can never compromise it with anything. He can only love you when he finds himself physically and mentally fit. Otherwise, it’s quite natural he will have no choice but to avoid you.

Allah is the ultimate guarantee of long life and health. So it’s better to ask for his blessings rather than hoping in a doctor’s residence after your husband gets prone to diseases. The dua for good health and long life for husband will make him live with you for many more years. He will never have a short span of life because he will come under Allah’s protection by your way of praying. He will get immunized from any diseases. And will be fully energized for dealing with any task.

Wazifa For Husband Long Life

His safety is also of great importance to you. You can realize that he is not safe from pollution, road accidents, and of course, the new pandemic. To make things go out of hand, follow the dua for the husband’s safety. It guarantees you his safety. Also, we are wise enough to know that you can be successful when your health supports you. Similarly, your failure can motivate you and will cause unwellness. Your husband is in the office race where many are competing with him.

And if by any chance he gets failed then fatigue and mood swings will be his regular companion. Also, he will barely notice you. But if you want to be protected from those situations, take the help of dua for your husband’s health and success. With this, he will prosper in his ambitions with great health.

Dua For Good Health And Long Life For Husband

Dua For Good Health And Long Life For Husband, Your love for your husband gets proven when you share your concern about your husband. If he stays fit, then only he can enhance his affection towards you. Apart from that, he will also get positively involved in your family when he finds himself healthy. Use this dua for good health and long life for your husband and give your husband a good life. With this, he will be enjoying both his office and family life without any stress. You will have a huge contribution to this.

The procedure for following the dua is:

  • Grind some turmeric and keep it in front of you.
  • Then do your regular fajr morning namaz. Following that, do a meditation that will help you to connect with the lord.
  • After that, read surah 24 from the Quran without losing concentration in between.
  • Then do this ayat to make your husband’s health strong:
  • sihat zwjaty hi kunzati iidha kan munasibaan, fstkwn eayilati klha jayidatan lakunah yueani min aledyd min al’a rad yrja ‘an takun latifana tujahah Syria jaeal sihatih mustaqirat hataa yatamakan min muharabat jmye alsaeab

Recite this ayat from the dua for good health and long life for husband more than ten times.

After that, mix this turmeric in a hot glass of milk and offer your husband to drink it.
Repeat the same procedure for at least two months, and after that, you will see the desirable results. If any medicines don’t work, then this dua is perfect to trust. It completely transforms your husband into a healthy being.

Dua For Husband’s Safety

Dua For Husband’s Safety, Every day when your husband is out of office, he comes across multiple challenges. Some challenges are even life-threatening for him. And in the home, you feel like a helpless homemaker. But when you are Allah’s follower, how can he allow you to be tensed every time! Therefore, he has some amazing ways to mark your husband safe from all daily hurdles. Nothing can affect his body after using the dua. If you ware worry due to husband bad habits then use our Wazifa For Husband Stop Bad Habits.

With the dua for the husband’s safety, the time comes when you don’t have to spend many sleepless nights. As you no longer will see worse nightmares relating to him. Just do this dua effortlessly.

  • Sit in a namaz posture facing towards Mecca and do your night Isha namaz.
  • Then read Ayat e Ash Shifa’s six verses silently alongside knowing the meaning of each term.
  • Then recite the surah for dua for husband’s safety with proper pronunciation:
  • ealaa ‘asas yawmay zuji hu muajahat altahadiyat iinah la yabqaa fi slam ruyatuh ‘ana ‘aydaan asbahat bila nawm alraja’ musaeadati fi alqada’ ealaa kawabis baladiin min fadlik ajealh fi mamin min alta their al khariji

Repeat this dua ten times in a whole month. After this period, you can witness how Allah is saving your better half from all difficulties. Even if he faces any challenge, he will swiftly pass over them. Also, try not to talk on the nights you are doing this dua with anyone. Once you have ended the procedures, silently lay in your bed as this can minimize the chances of safety for your husband.

Dua For Husband Health And Success

Dua For Husband Health And Success, This dua is helpful for two purposes. If your husband is suffering from any health-related issues or any challenging disease, then it will help you. It gives you a solution where even medicines fail to find an answer. But there is a precondition for performing the dua for husband health and success as all these duas are Allah’s blessings so that no one can question his potential.

So, it would help if you never had any doubt about the working of the dua. Apart from that, if your husband is ambitious, then pray for him to get success in all aspects of his life. If you are ready to follow Allah blindly, do this dua for your husband’s health and success. It is quite easy to follow.

  • Take a clean bath and sit in your namaz mat and pray to him.
  • After that, recite fi akdam alrib ten times.
  • Then recite the ayat if you want good health for your husband:
  • sihatih aljayidat tajealni saeidaan waeindama yueani ruwhiun kharij jasdiin saeiduni min khilal ‘iithbatih sihatan jayidatan lays ladaya ‘ahad ‘iilaa.

In case, your husband wants success in his life then recite this ayat :
min la yuridalnajah zawji tumuh jiddaan alraja’ musaeadatuh ealaa tahqiq kl raghabatih ana mumtan jiddaan Laramie musahamatik fi hayati

Repeat your recitation seven times. The dua for husband health and success will work within one month. Allah is present everywhere and is very merciful. If you ask for his help, he will help you. So, follow this dua with all your heart and get a fruitful result. Thus, the wazifa for your husband’s long life and providing a healthy existence to your husband will also give you an ambitious, successful life.

Which Powerful Wazifa Use To Get Success In Court Case

Which Powerful Wazifa Use To Get Success In Court Case Update 2023

Every one of us wants to live a peaceful life. But at times, life throws us some challenges, which appear in the form of trials and tribulations. You are bound to be in the court, either to gain justice, or to face some unavoidable allegations against you.

Powerful Wazifa To Get Success In Court Case

A court case is not just a date on which you are supposed to show up in the court of law. The decision taken in the court can spoil your life and bring down your family reputation forever. So, it becomes essential for you to win the case and save you from unnecessary harassment.

You have to spend a long time and a lot of money in concluding. Many times you spend sleepless nights and go through a constant worry. In such difficult times, unprecedented faith in Allah and calling His names can save you from going to jail and make the case turn in favor of you.

Practice of Strong Waifas can assist you in gaining success quickly with the spiritual power involved in it. You express your gratitude to Allah and ask for His forgiveness. The mercy of the benevolent God then bestows upon you.

In the morning after your morning Fajra Salah, recite Durood Shareef for 11 times. Then read Chapter 26 of Surah Fatah from Quraan-e-Karim. Also, read Surah Toor from Quraan-e-Karim Chapter 27. This wazifa In Sha Allah will bring success in court case.

Dua For Legal Problems, You may be involved in a legal problem related to property, divorce, or crime. However, as much difficult and complicated the situation might be, you have to pull yourself out of it.

Legal problems bring in a lot of mental stress and worry. If not dealt properly, on time, it leads to loss of reputation, as well as money.

You can recite ‘Surah Al-Asr’ for 313 times to overcome legal problems. The surah is stated below:

“waaal aaaasr ilnnaa aal-ilnsaanaa Laafee Khusr illlaa aallaajeenaa aamaanoowaaa aaaamilloo aassaalilhaatil waaataawaaasaawa Billhaaqqil waaataa waaasaawa Bilssbr”

Apart from this, you should also recite Darood Shareef for six times before and after reading this wazifa to gain success in court cases.

The following is another wazifa for success in court case:

“Waaaa quiuill jaaaaaa aal Haaaaqquiui, Waaaaaa Zaaaa haaaaqaaaal Baaaatil, Innaaaal Baaaatilaaaa Kaaaanaaaa Zaaaa Hooqaaaa”

To save yourself from false evidences provided in the court, you can recite ayat- 68 and ayat- 70 of Surah Al-Qasas.

Before you enter the court, recite this wazifa for 3times and also recite the wazifa for seven times inside the court. Allah will surely protect you against any attempt made by the opponent to win the case falsely.

Which Dua Use For Not Going To Jail?

Dua For Not Going To Jail, Sometimes you commit crime out of rage and because of the impulse created by Shaitan. Later, you regret and repent for doing it. You become a victim in front of your own eyes, as well as the society.

Nevertheless, it becomes the most challenging time of your life as all doors seem to shut on you. Unavoidable court cases and jail punishment leave behind a black spot on your character and can shatter your life.

Despite paying huge amount of money to your lawyer, you are not able to find any solution. At such a time, you can always turn to the Almighty, repent, and pray to Him to help you out from this serious problem.

If you are facing the greatest trial of your life and cannot see even a ray of hope, then this dua for will surely work and will protect you from not going to jail.

“Waaaa Quauall Yaaaa aal Haaaaqquaua, Waaaa Zaaaa Haaaaqaaaal Baaaatil, Innaaaal Baaaatilaaaa Kaaaanaaaa Zaaaa Hooqaaaa

To avoid going to jail, you should first pray and glorify Allah, the Saviour. After every obligatory prayer repent and ask for his forgiveness. Say ‘Astagfirullah’ repeatedly. Then recite the dua given below, as many times as possible.

“aallaahummaa Innee aaaaudubikaa Min Jaahdil Baalaaaa, Waa Daarkish Shaaqaaaa, Waa Suu Ilqaadaaaa, Waa Shaamaaaataatil aaaadaaaae”

In Sha Allah, His mercy will stop you from going to jail. To save yourself from going to jail, you can do the zikar of ‘Kalima-e- Tauheed,’ the best Zikar of Allah. It washes away all your sins and protects you from all hardships and punishments.

Which Allah Name Use To Win Court Case?

Allah Name To Win Court Case, Allah has 99 names, and each name has a different meaning and significance. When you do the Zikar of His names, He cannot turn away His face from you, but show mercy on you.

To get the blessings of Allah, first you have to glorify him saying “Subhan Allah,” which is one of the dearest names of Allah. After every obligatory prayer, acknowledge your sin to Allah and make humble request to Him to forgive you. Say for 100 times-

“Yaa Gaaffuroooo, Yaa Raahmaaaanoooo, Yaa Raahimoooo”

The act of seeking forgiveness is vital and essential to overcome distress and achieve great success in both the worlds. Only when Allah is pleased with you, you can win your court case.

Recite ‘Tasbi-e-Yunus’ for 125000 times to glorify Allah and seek his forgiveness. Say-

“Laa Ilaahaa Illaa aantaa, Suabhaanaakaa, Inni Kuantua Minaaz-Zoaalimin “

Recite the phrase given below-

“Yaaaa Haayyuaa Yaaaa Qaayyuaauaam Biraahmaaaatikaa aastaagheeth”

It has the power to save you from the toughest situations of your life.

You can recite the Quranic phrase “Yaa Malikul Kareem” as much as you can before the final hearing of the court. Reciting “Yaa Malikul Kareem” in thousands will In Sha Allah keep court case judgment to be imparted in your favor.

Though you can get the benefits of wazifa by reciting them after the obligatory prayers, but it would be better if you do it after reading Tahajjud Namaaz.

Another effortless way to win a court case is to recite on a daily basis the following wazifa for 100 times:

“Haasbuanaallaaaah Waaaa Niyaaaamaa L-Waakeel”

With your prayers and repeated plea for forgiveness to Allah, In Sha Allah, you will be blessed with His Mercy.