Why Your Dua Is Not Accepted

Learn Here Why Your Dua Is Not Accepted

If you are reading this blog, chances are you are feeling disappointed. 6 Reasons Why Your Dua Is Not Accepted Perhaps you started with the performing of a dua but soon realized that it’s not being filled. Perhaps it’s been a month and your prayers have still not been answered.

It’s alright to feel disheartened and disappointed if that is the case with you. Does Allah always answer dua But, you should know that often there are reasons why your dua hasn’t yet been accepted? The Reasons Behind Why Your Dua Is Not Accepted

Allah answers dua in 3 ways

1 Being Too Impatient – Patience is the virtue of the divine. You should always remember that. At times, we are so eager to get our dua accepted that we fail to practice patience. Sometimes, it happens that you were too close to getting your wishes fulfilled but at the last moment, you stopped performing the rituals. Always have faith and maintain patience. It’s only a matter of time before Allah Tallah answers your prayers.

6 Reasons Why Your Dua Is Not Accepted

2 Lacking Faith in Allah – Faith is the key ingredient whenever you set out with any Islamic dua or wazifa. 6 Reasons Why Your Dua Is Not Accepted In fact, to succeed in life, without faith you cannot do anything. It has been observed that many Islamic brothers and sisters only want their wishes to come true but fail to take into account that it takes great love, respect, and most importantly faith in the powers of the Universe.

Before you start with any dua, make sure that your heart is first filled with love and faith for that Almighty and faith in that your dua will manifest and it will make your desires come true.

3 Not eating Halal – we all know that haram is condemned in Islamic. 6 Reasons Why Your Dua Is Not Accepted Eating haram meat or wearing haram or indulging in any kind of practice that this religion condemns as Haram may be standing in the way of your dua being accepted.

Whose dua will not be accepted

4 Not being clear about your intentions – Perhaps you’re not yet sure about why exactly you want to perform this dua. You should always remember that whatever you aim to achieve in life, you should first write down your goal. Writing down your intentions and goals helps your subconscious in attracting the right kind of conditions for yourself.

If you think that it has been long that you have been practicing dua or wazifa and still none of your efforts are being rewarded in the way that you would like for them to be rewarded, then perhaps you need to be more clear about your actual intentions and what it is that you want to actualize.

6 Reasons Why Your Dua Is Not Accepted

5 Not asking for forgiveness – Sometimes a person has committed many sins. Anything that Islam condemns is called a sin. 6 Reasons Why Your Dua Is Not Accepted If you have committed those sins, then you need to first ask for Allah Tallah’s forgiveness. You should always start by making redemptions for all that you have done in the past.

Once your karmic accounts for your sins are clear, you can then start with any dua or wazifa and rest assured that it will be fulfilled and accepted.

6 Having malicious intentions – Allah helps those who are of a clean heart. 6 Reasons Why Your Dua Is Not Accepted If your intentions are not right for whatever you plan on doing with your Islamic rituals, then there is a good chance that your dua will not be accepted and your desires will not manifest

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